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The Rudd-led Decultural Invasion of Australia

When Australia has an annual record 383,000 net migration this last year we have what is tantamount to foreign invasion by stealth. It is an 'immigration invasion'.

Howard started it and Rudd has perpetuated it. Australians are being pacified and re-educated into believing misleading justifications like economic growth, addressing skills shortages, multi-culturalism, being a world citizen, etc.

[This article was initially a comment to Sheila Newman's article 'Australia's governments are coordinating an unarmed invasion without your permission']

The Secret Life of Sharks by A. Peter Klimley

This exceptional book about shark behaviour, not only makes personal connections with individuals among schooling sharks, but it explores the sensory field of geomagnetic navigation - in a shark's-view of the world to which we poor humans are blind, deaf and dumb. Seeing as there is a new film out - Shark Water- - which may move people to rethink our own kill instinct, it seems appropriate to review this excellent book which had a similar impact on me.

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