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financial crisis

France drastically limits work permits for foreigners with French university educations

"France isn't in the business of stealing educated elites from developing countries that need doctors and engineers." (French Minister responsible for immigration) In France, university education is free for citizens and for foreign students - but there are quotas on foreign students and preference is given to French citizens. In view of the global financial crisis, the French Minister in charge of immigration now aims to cut the number of work visas for foreign student professionals by half.

Cyrius01 Video: Nation building

Cyrius01 has made another great comic video about Australia's national economic policy choices in the face of recession and climate change. Click on the link inside to see the video.

Bonjour de Paris - Report on politics of French economic crisis by Francis Ronsin

"France is currently going through an acute social and political crisis. And an economic crisis too, it is said, like everywhere else. For me, however, this is only the consequence of the first two kinds of crisis."

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