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3AW Tom Elliot Interview with Kelvin Thomson on population growth

Radio interview with the thinking person's politician, Kelvin Thomson, on the impacts of population growth and the policies that keep pushing it up in Australia.

Elliot says there is not a great deal state governments can do about population growth, but suggests that the Fed Gov should look at immigration numbers. Kelvin agrees with him and makes other points, perhaps choosing not to disagree with the interviewer whose knowledge is probably deficient. wants readers of this article to realise though that State Governments all have websites dedicated to attracting immigrants from overseas. The reader should also understand that housing and land development, water and power - all the things that population growth is inflating - are almost entirely the responsibility of state governments. There are growth lobbies dedicated to influencing state governments and parliaments on just these issues. These growth lobbies are shored up and given authority by the mainstream media - Murdoch and Fairfax - which both own marketing Australian property to the world. The ABC, our public media, apes these attitudes.

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"Not much we can do about population growth"? Other State and Federal government policies are criticized, dissected, evaluated, discussed, supported and objected to - as is our democratic right. However, when it comes to population growth, why is it considered inevitable? Of course, there is a small part that can't be predicted, as is our natural rate of growth, but it has been below long term replacement levels for decades!
"Growth" has become an industry in itself, and part of our human landscape. It's a no-brainer industry, like multiplying bacteria, with no innovation or intellect required. It takes little upfront investment, and the Immigration Department makes healthy revenues from the many fees and charges. It "saves" money in not training our own young people at TAFEs, industries and universities. The skills come already to use, from overseas. The imported people must buy housing, so it supports the housing industry.
The problems of congestion, unaffordable housing, utility costs, loss of soil and bushland, declining biodiversity, and infrastructure overload are only acknowledged in highsight. The public fail to connect the dots... with policially-engineeered population growth! It seems people are willing to be myopic when it comes directly to the problems directly caused by their own numbers.
Political timeframes are short, and governments enjoy the short-term economic benefits of "growth", without long term strategies, and leave the problems and the burdens to the next government, and further still, to next generations.

This morning 31st October at 4:20am on ABC Radio with Michael Pavlich, Kelvin Thomson will be doing an extended interview on the issue of global population and Australia’s population growth. The interview will then be followed by talkback callers with questions and discussion for Kelvin. We understand the interview will be broadcast nationally and can also be listened to online. Details are as follows:

- Tune in to your LOCAL ABC Radio frequency (eg in Melbourne 774am) to hear the interview

- Or stream online and follow the prompts at

- Talkback calls will be taken at 1300 800 222

- Send in texts during the interview at 0437 774 774

Although it is early, calling in will help raise the profile of our predicament with overpopulation. When you consider that all day long the ABC and other networks push population growth, it seems very unfair that the one lucid voice putting a counter argument, is to be aired at such an inaccessible hour.