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Video: Julian Assange's father, John Shipton, interviewed prior to embarking on his "Home Run for Julian" World Tour

On Saturday 24 April, at the iconic A1 Restaurant on Sydney Road in Melbourne's northern suburb of Brunswick, supporters of Julian Assange had lunch to see off Julian Assange's father John Shipton, just before he embarked on his second "Home Run for Julian" tour. Whilst other supporters of Julian Assange were still at lunch inside the A1 Restaurant to the left, John Shipton was interviewed by Sheila Newman. He explained to her, during the interview, embedded below, that, this time, he was going to visit Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland. Then on 17 May they would depart Australia for the United States. They would firstly tour the Eastern states, including New York and Washington, D. C. Thence he would tour California. Then he planned to visit Ireland, Scotland and Britain. He will be speaking to political figures and media figures in those countries.

John Shipton Assange Team will visit USA


Given that from 26 out of 227 Federal members of Parliament, the ACTU and the triennial Australian Labor Party conference have all stated their support for Julian Assange, John is now hopeful that Julian Assange will be accompanying them back home in the final leg of his "Home Run for Julian" tour.

How you can help John Shipton bring Julian Assange back home to Australia with him

To help ensure that John Shipton does bring Julian Assange back home to Australia, it is vital that supporters of Julian Assange back here be ever more vigorous in getting the word out about Julian Assange. Where you have the time and energy, you could:

  1. Attend the weekly Friday evening vigil from 6:30pm outside Melbourne's Flinders Street Station;
  2. Help organise other protests in support of Julian Assange;
  3. At these events:
    • Hand out leaflets in support of Julian Assange, for example leaflets printed from this PDF file. [1]
    • Ask to borrow the megaphone so that you, yourself, can speak yourself to members of the public in support of Julian Assange as I and others have here, and here


[1] The PDF file is attached to Barraitser's 'compassion' towards Julian Assange a ploy to avoid judicial scrutiny of the United States' illegal war on journalism? (12/1/21). The file can be printed as two double-sided A5 pages. The PDF file was subsequently adapted to become Uphold the Rule of Law - demand that the Australian government act to end the illegal imprisonment and torture of Julian Assange (11/2/21).

I plan to produce and upload a more up-to-date leaflet in the very near future.

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Monday 3 May 2021
Support Press Freedom
Support Julian Assange's Freedom

ABC Centre
700 Harris St., Ultimo
52 Martin Place,
outside Channel 7 Studios
7.30 AM
Join supporters of Julian Assange at either location.