Letter to Courier Mail: No passenger terminal for Brisbane!

The following letter was posted to the Courier Mail Newspaper in response to its beat-up story (see ) about the lack of terminal facilities for luxury cruise ships on the occasion of the docking of the Queen Victoria near the grain terminals. The letter was not published. Amongst the four short letter published, none raised environmental objections to the luxury cruise industry.

Dear Editor,

Brisbane no more needs a new luxury passenger ship terminal ("Tourists sure to harbour a bit of resentment", 27 Feb) than it needs the North South Bypass Tunnel, the Hale Street Bridge, a second airport runway or any of Lord Mayor Newman's other extravagant white elephant projects.

If the world were not on the brink of environmental calamity, then perhaps a modest upgrade to the facilities near the grain terminal would be in order, however, a far more responsible stance by the Brisbane City Council would be to actively discourage the international luxury cruise industry, with its scandalous waste of non-renewable natural resources and its unacceptable additional output of greenhouse gases.

yours sincerely,

James Sinnamon
[email protected]
Independent Candidate for Lord Mayor of Brisbane

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