More evidence of Howard-Government incompetence

More evidence of Howard-Government incompetence

">Evidence presented to the Clarke Commission affirms that ASIO had NO information related to UK attempted Glasgow Airport attack or any "terrorist plot" in Australia.

One wonders where the fear, paranoia, and loathing that incarcerated Haneef for 26 days originated - AFP? Immigration? Cabinet? PM? An abusive exploitation of Australia's Anti-Terrorism legislation, hastily forced through Parliament by the Howard administration. Leaks, rumours, and inuendoes from then-Immigration Minister Andrews, AFP Chief Keelty, and other government and law enforcement officials.

Was ASIO not consulted? Were ASIO's views discounted, discredited? We invade Iraq based on ASIO's assessment and ignore ASIO's advice when it doesn't satisfy political needs?

What kind of a country is Australia becoming?

Judy Bamberger,
O'Connor ACT

" id="AsioSubmission">Appendix: Excerpt from ASIO's submission to the Clarke inquiry into the case of Dr Mohamed Haneef

"ASIO conducted an intelligence investigation in relation to Dr Haneef and provided analytical support to the AFP. ASIO did not detain or question Dr Haneef. ASIO was not involved in the decisions to arrest, charge, prosecute or release Dr Haneef. Beyond providing advice that it did not have sufficient grounds to issue an adverse security assessment in respect of Dr Haneef, ASIO was not involved in the decisions to cancel Dr Haneef's Australian visa or to issue a criminal justice certificate.

"In conducting its intelligence investigation, ASIO considered whether Dr Haneef posed a threat to security and provided advice across government on this issue. ASIO participated in whole-of-government meetings in relation to Dr Haneef. ASIO's consistent advice was that, based on available information, ASIO did not assess Dr Haneef as a threat to security and did not have grounds to issue an adverse security assessment. In the early days of the investigation, ASIO nevertheless considered further investigation of Dr Haneef was warranted.

"In written advice to the [Howard] government and various agencies on July 11, 2007, ASIO reported that while it continued to progress its inquiries, it did not have information to indicate Dr Haneef had any involvement in or foreknowledge of the UK terror acts [on June 30 at Glasgow airport]. Nor was there any information to indicate Dr Haneef was undertaking planning for a terrorist attack in Australia or overseas. ASIO issued several threat assessments concerning the potential threat to security posed by Dr Haneef. Those assessments consistently indicated there was [nothing] indicating any specific, credible terrorist threat in Australia linked to the UK attacks. ASIO also provided written submissions to then attorney-general, the hon. Philip Ruddock …

Cited in of 2 Aug 08 by Alan Ramsey in the Sydney Morning Herald

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