Repco Rally Australia releases reports "in stages"

Repco Rally Australia Chairman Garry Connelly announced via NBN TV News and the Tweed Daily News that his organisation would be releasing the environmental, social and economic impact reports for the proposed rally in the Tweed and Kyogle areas "in stages" over the next week or so. They released their preferred route today. Reports may be downloaded from the Repco Rally Australia website I am tickled that they are releasing them "in stages" - just like the cars!!! Seems somehow appropriate. Those among us who lean towards the cynical, and I know there are at least two of you out there, might think this is an effort to disarm the argument for a reasonable time (at least 28 days) for pubic comment on the DA - once it is eventually lodged. You two might argue that until the documents are lodged with the Council concerned that they have no "standing' as documents. They are merely opinion put forward by one of the protagonists. You might further suggest that when one of the Tweed Councillors moves to extend the period for public submissions from the minimum 14 days to 28 days that another, less favourably inclined, councillor may argue that the community has already had sufficient time to consider the documents. You two, being the cynical things you are, might express concern that we can't be sure that the documents published via the RRA website are EXACTLY the same as the ones presented to Council. The publishing of the reports on the website is a distraction, a cynical ploy aimed at gaining positive publicity for Repco Rally Australia. Like many others I have downloaded the reports that have been made available and will download others as they become available, HOWEVER, I will argue strongly to Councillors and anyone else that the community must be given an adequate time to digest, consider and respond to the documents lodged with Council. What is published beforehand does not matter. What you can do: - Download the reports and consider their content. - Get your arguments ready (bearing in mind that we have no guarantee that these are the documents that will ACTUALLY be lodged with Council). - Put in a submission once the DA is lodged.


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