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Frankston By-pass Rally Sunday 24 May 2009 12 Noon Trig Point

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Dear Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc. - Sheila and Jill You know people in Frankston. Can you circulate?

Rally to oppose Peninsula link Frankston Bypass Sunday 24 may , 2009, Noon at Trig Point.

Why Rally?: The proposed freeway the Peninsula Link will bypass Frankston and cut straight through the guts of the Pines Flora & Fauna Reserve.

When: Join Rod Quantock (Deputy President of Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc. PPL VIC) ) on Sunday 24 May at 12 noon
Where: The Excelsior Drive entrance to the Pines, Frankston North. Mel. 100 C9 to reclaim the Pines for the people of Frankston at Trig Point.

Website: The website Save the Pines will be launched at the same time. This website not only deals with the Pines, but also highlights other areas and flora/fauna that will be affected by the proposed Freeway.
Organisers: The Connies See

Why Save The Pines?

It was once described by the Victorian Government as the most botanically significant land in Melbourne's south and south east. It's the closest place this side of Melbourne where the swamp wallaby, echidna, koala, ringtail and bushy tailed possums, sugar glider and swamp rat roam freely. The Reserve has also supported the Swamp Skink, Dwarf Galaxias, Hooded Robin, the Powerful Owl and Swift's Parrot.

If not stopped, the SEITA by-pass and toll way will also cut a 4 lane 26 kilometre swathe through the landscape from Carrum Downs to Mount Martha. It will destroy an extraordinarily rare patch of Herb Rich Grassy Wetland at Carrum Downs, which Minister Jennings' experts say can't be offset or replaced. It will plough through 60% of the Belvedere Reserve in Seaford, the Pobblebonk/Willow Road Reserve and the Wittenberg Reserves in Langwarrin and destroy a pristine remnant at the heritage Westerfield property, whilst bisecting precious farmland on the Moorooduc Plain.

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There are alternatives.

The Eureka Flag was flown at Trig Point in the 1970's by a group of residents to recalim the Reserve for the people of Frankston from development. The Pines bneed our help again. See you Sunday 24 May at the Excelsior Drive entrance to the Pines.

Contact: Julianne Bell Secretary PPL VIC 98184114 or 0408022408


I am new to this site and want to know how to get involved to save these areas