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RSPCA rubber-stamp in Majura Kangaroo kills unworthy of this organisation's aims

Young injured 'roo, "Majura Malcolm", rescued from Majura site killings, now recovering

RSPCA inspections at Majura Firing Range

I have now received answers to the questions I put to the ACT RSPCA on 19 May 2009 regarding their welfare oversight of the recent killing of 3900 kangaroos at the Majura site by the Department of Defence. Below I list the questions asked and the answers received. Keep in mind this killing program began on Tuesday 5 May and ended by order of the Tribunal on Wednesday 13 May 2009 (my original letter is attached). Also keep in mind that in our meeting with Parliamentary Secretary Mike Kelly on 18 May he said he relied heavily on RSPCA advice that the kangaroos were starving and in the implementation of the Code of Practice for the Humane Destruction of Kangaroos in the ACT.

Question one:

On what days, at what times and for what lengths of time were representatives of the RSPCA in attendance at the site before and during this period (ie the period 5 May 2009 to 13 May 2009)?

One visit only, Thursday 24 May, 2007, 1.30pm to 3.30pm

[NB: Actually, 24 May 2009 is a Sunday (but they say they went there in 2007), and as the killing took place between 5 and 13 May 2009 this means they actually visited the site two years ago or if they got the year wrong they went there two weeks after it had finished and a week after I wrote to them! So they either went to Majura two years before the killing or two weeks after it had finished! Either way its just extraordinary].

Question two:

Detail on procedures these representatives used to ensure that: (a) the kangaroos were suffering starvation; and (b) the killing that was carried out under the Defence program was ‘humane’ according to the Animal Welfare Act and the ACT Code of Practice for the Humane ‘Destruction’ of Kangaroos.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss the proposed management program and to observe the general state of the grasslands and any kangaroos present at the time. Procedures were limited to general observations. No killing or other interventions with kangaroos were observed.

[NB: part (a) of the question is not answered so we can only conclude there was no issue of starvation of kangaroos witnessed otherwise it would have been mentioned. Their remit extends only to the condition of the kangaroos and not the condition of the grasslands. Part (b) was not observed, so which animal welfare authority provided oversight that the Code of Practice was adhered to?]

Question three:

In relation to your answer to Q2, please outline the following:
(a) Did RSPCA representatives travel across the entirety of this large site, or were inspections restricted to particular areas? If the latter please detail which specific areas were visited for inspection purposes.

(b) What sample size of kangaroos was used to draw conclusions about the entire population?

(c) Were qualified veterinarians in attendance at this time?

(d) Was any video footage or photographs taken before and during the kill program by RSPCA inspectors/ representatives?

(e) What percentage of kangaroos was killed in the first instance by a single ‘head shot’?

(f) What method of killing did your inspectors observe for ‘pouched’ kangaroo joeys? What happened to the at-foot joeys?

(g) How many contractors were used in the killing process and what was their level of expertise/ qualifications for the task?

(h) What types of firearm were observed by your inspectors being used by contractors used to kill the kangaroos?

(i) Was the contracted killing undertaken by night spotlight and rifle shooting of free-ranging animals or were other methods (e.g. rapid-fire weapons, corralling of animals etc). used?

(j) If the kangaroos were confined in any way, how long had they been confined for? What type of fencing was used? Did the kangaroos have access to adequate supplies of food and water? Were the kangaroos exhibiting obvious signs of stress?

(k) Has your organisation been given a schedule of numbers of kangaroos killed during the period including a demographic profile (male/ female adult, juvenile, ‘pouched’ young)?

(l) Is the killing continuing? Are the health and the stress levels of the remaining kangaroos being monitored?

No representatives of the RSPCA have been in attendance at the Majura Training Area during the culling period and we do not have any information on the status of the culling program or the monitoring of kangaroos at the site.


The two immediate comments from this reply are: (1) Which organisation is monitoring the welfare aspects of the culling of kangaroos as it is clearly not the RSPCA?; (2) Why did Mike Kelly tell Mark Drummond and myself at our meeting with him on 18 May that he relied heavily on RSPCA advice that the kangaroos at Majura were starving?

Prof. Steve Garlick
BA, MCom (Econ), PhD, FAUCEA


The inference to draw from this response is that the RSPCA doesn't care.

The RSPCA website in Australia is at
It states its mission is "to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection."
It states its vision is "to be the leading authority in animal care and protection."

The RSPCA's objectives are listed as:

"To prevent cruelty to animals by ensuring the enforcement of existing laws at federal and state level.
To procure the passage of such amending or new legislation as is necessary for the protection of animals.
To develop and promote policies for the humane treatment of animals that reflect contemporary values and scientific knowledge.
To educate the community with regard to the humane treatment of animals.
To engage with relevant stakeholders to improve animal welfare.
To sustain an intelligent public opinion regarding animal welfare.
To operate facilities for the care and protection of animals."

The RSPCA's policy in relation to kangaroo killing states:

"RSPCA Australia believes that the issue of whether kangaroos and wallabies should continue to be killed under a sustainable use policy should be reviewed by both federal and state/territory governments. Continuing research is needed to determine the impact of current culling practices on kangaroo populations and their environment.

"RSPCA Australia believes that any measures taken to reduce kangaroo populations should first be proven to be necessary (through a proper consideration of the reasons for control). They must be conducted humanely and be under the direct supervision of the appropriate government authorities (as part of an approved kangaroo management program). Effective monitoring and auditing of such programs is vital to ensure that these conditions are met.

There are a number of aspects of the current management of kangaroos that do not conform to these conditions, such as:

Large numbers of kangaroos are shot inhumanely every year, particularly under the non-commercial system.
Each time a female kangaroo is shot her dependent joey is either killed by the shooter or will die as a result of predation, dehydration or starvation. The RSPCA has serious concerns about the suffering caused by shooting females with pouch young.
The process of setting quotas for killing kangaroos does not relate population reduction directly to damage mitigation. Kangaroo management plans are now treating kangaroos as a sustainable resource available for commercial use, rather than making a decision for control as a result of examining the welfare of kangaroos or their impact on the environment.
Until these issues have been properly addressed, questions remain about the humaneness of kangaroo shooting and the basis for current government policies on the management and killing of kangaroos." SOURCE:

Clearly, the RSPCA responses above are anathema to the Society's raison d'etre.
CEO, Heather Neil, should be publicly held to account for the responses above and accordingly asked to explain why the RSPCA has deliberately abbrogated its legal and moral obligations in relation to this mass slaughter - 'The Fitzgibbon Massacre of 9th May 2009'.

Subject was "The public have been fed so many lies!" - JS

The public have been fed so many lies, pseudo-science and greenwashing to jusify the "cull" of Majura's kangaroo population, under the smoke-screen of environmental concern. All our native animals are under stress from population growth (humans), urbanisation, heavy cattle grazing, invasive weeds, land clearing and feral animals. These are the threats to the legless lizards, the golden sun moths and the native grasses. Kangaroos DO NOT over breed their habitat or threaten other native animals! The "experts" who drew the conclusions that kangaroos are a threat are being paid to produce these results! This is not robust or independent science. Do the public really believe that Jon Stanhope and Defence are poignantly worried about the native grasses and critters in them? Are they environmental extremists now? Of course not! There are plans for this area at Majura, just like they killed over 500 kangaroos at Belconnen that were "starving" but weren't, because they wanted the land! They would have no qualms about driving tractors and bulldozers through this area for roads or buildings.

There has been no consideration for what Defence use the land for, or what they intend to do with it.
We need some honesty, some transparency, some compassion and respect for non-human creatures. Our Colonial mentality still exists today that made the Tasmanian Tiger extinct. Extinction is not an event but a process, and our kangaroo killing industry and this lethal "management" is totally shameful to Australia, and we even persecute and hate our own symbols of Australia.

Sure doesn't look like he's starving, which was suposedly a reasons for the cull. Since these animals are highly socialised I wonder how long it will take him to recover from the psychological trauma. We humans are cruel buggars, aren't we? Really dangerous.

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal has ruled the culling of kangaroos on Defence Department land in Canberra can resume. The Tribunal had no other choice than to coincide with the powers that be!
That kangaroos cause "substantial damage to declared ecological communities and threatened species" is clearly slack and shonky science! Majura is not a nature conservation reserve but an area for Defence training, but this impact was ignored. However, because Eastern Grey Kangaroos haven't had the common decency to become endangered or vulnerable, they appear to be a threat to civilisation.
The Tribunal do not have the powers to over-ride Defence and the leaders of the ACT, so had to bend according to the status quo.
Like the NSW Shooters party, who want to be able to shoot native animals and birds in private reserves and national parks, fauna are only considered pawns to make deals with the power-brokers who want to privatise NSW lotteries.
Our native animals may not have a lot of economic value, but like some humans, that does not mean they don't have intrinsic value. Non-quantitative values are easily discarded in our materialistic societies and in Canberra's cold hearts.

RSPCA Qld incorporated in December 1999 and are a business trading in pets – Federal Court Decision.

RSPCA Qld have police powers to seize property using warrants and charge people under the Justices Act. Defendant’s Negotiated settlements can be payments of as much as $300,000. This is the worst sort of corruption. Enter a person’s property, take their property then make them pay such that they lose their home and everything they worked for and accumulated in their long hard working lives. Google “ruth downey” or “rspca dark side”.

This RSPCA “approved farming scheme” will creat more opportunities for RSPCA to exploit their Policing Powers for $. This should be a warning to every farmer – do not participate, it will make you vulnerable to being exploited by RSPCA for $hundreds of thousands.

RSPCA a private business has corrupted government into giving them an Act of Parliament to administer without any supervision – The Animal Care and Protection Act 2001. Google “Stanford prison experiment” to see what happens to a small group given policing powers without supervision – they go rogue. Then Google “rspca corruption” or “ruth Downey” or “rspca poodles” or “rspca dark side” to learn how rogue RSPCA have become. RSPCA is a “Stanford Prison Experiment” with a money motive let loose on the community by Government. It will fail and eventually be revealed as corruption of the worse type. Google “flying pig” to see how ridiculously and extreme RSPCA are in their abuse of their power.

With Ruth Downey they shot and killed her healthy cows, many were feeding calves and there was hay there to feed them, then had her found guilty of animal cruelty and fined Ruth Downey $300,000.

RSPCA Qld kill 12,000 dogs a year and say they care for animals. There are cases where RSPCA have seized every animal owned and cared for by an old lady, killed all of them, then charged her with animal cruelty and negotiated out of court settlements where RSPCA get a $200,000 payment. A corruption of the worse type condoned and supported by State Governments.

Supporting RSPCA is supporting corruption. RSPCA have bullied government into giving them an act of parliament "Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 Qld" Police powers without supervision. Google "stanford prison experiment" to learn why RSPCA have gone rogue. Then google "rspca corruption" or "rspca poodles" or "ruth downey" to learn how rogue RSPCA have gone.
RSPCA have the power to make people pay big time. fines + legal fees of over $300,000 - RSPCA can take everything a person has.