Save the kangaroo

Save the Kangaroo

Contray to popular myth, the kangaroo, along with (except, arguably, on Kangaroo Island), the sugar glider, the cassowary and flying foxes and many other species, are endangered. They have become endangered because of the relentless pressure of enforced population growth, together with the deliberate ravaging of our natural habitat in order to satisfy the almost insatiable greed of Australia's wealthy elite. Since 2004, a mob of Kangaroos were marooned at Somerton Victoria as a result of the thoughtless building of residential and industrial estates adjoining the Hume Highway. Efforts were made in 2006 to rescue the kangaroos. Some of this story was captured on film by sociologist film-maker . The video can be on . For further information Visit the site of the Australian Wildlife Portection Assocation at View the Youtube video, referrred to above, at: ">What you can do
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