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Roo culls lead to tourism boycott calls

Eastern Grey Kangaroos should be safe in our "Bush Capital", however, they are being rounded up, hounded and killed. These deaths are being justified not because they are "starving" now, but ironically, in the name of Conservation!
Kangaroos are not part of our economy, and don't supply jobs, and that is what everybody is concerned about now! People and livestock add to economic growth, and wildlife only get a few tourists.
Canberrians want to deny kangaroos even the little grass they eat because they are being labelled as an environmental "threat" due to some dubious and shonky pseudo-science! Even joeys, orphaned by road accidents, must be "humanely" killed instead of being cared for by wildlife rescuers, all in the name of "conservation" and "animal welfare"!
Kangaroos are part of our biodiversity, part of our bushland's ecology. Surely tourists expect to see mobs of our iconic native animals? However, thousands were "culled" for being "starving", which they weren't, and now they are being "managed" as an environmental threat!
Animal activists do not have a lot of funds, but they can advise tourists not to visit Canberra, especially if they hope to see the bush with its native kangaroo populations.

Australian Capital Tourism, General Manager Simonne Shepherd
Canberra and Region Visitors Centre
Enquiries 1300 354 154
The ACT head office
Email address for the Canberra and region visitors centre is

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That photo will go down in history as a record of what those in power think of our wildlife. Those who committed this atrocity shall go down in history as traitors to our wildlife.
May these poor animals rest in peace and may the killers be remembered for their lack of empathy and their lack of compassion, for they are the most despicable of the human race

Hon Dr Mike Kelly AM MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Support, Parliamentary Secretary for Water in an email stated that kangaroos were causing the threats to ACT's Majura's endangered ecological communities; natural temperate grasslands and yellow box red gum grassy woodlands. According to him, the kangaroos have also removed large amounts of grass biomass resulting in large areas of bare ground.
Box Gum Grassy Woodland covers around 405,000 hectares of mainly wheat and sheep-producing country from southern Queensland into central Victoria, including the Lachlan Murrumbidgee region.

No other sources have ever documented Eastern Grey Kangaroos as being an environmental threat! Short grass does not mean "starving" kangaroos either!
How ironical that some leaders, such as Mike Kelly, have become environmental extremists, but their targets are the least environmentally impacting species - native kangaroos! The fact that many areas around Canberra were used for sheep farming that destroyed biodiversity is just conveniently ignored, and that urban sprawl continues to wreak havoc on sensitive grasslands. They would have no qualms about razing the "ecological communities" for housing estates, roads or more livestock!