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Globalisation of Victoria's water supplies will be funded by the users, Victoria's citizens.

Suez Environnement estimates the Victorian desal plant will generate more than $2 billion in revenue over the next 30 years. With ADF Suez’ existing record of environmental destruction in the Amazon, their submission should be dismissed.

The Age - Desal firm logged the Amazon

GDF Suez's majority is owned by Energia Sustentavel. Energia Sustentavel is building a 3,300 megawatt hydroelectric dam in Brazil. The project is part of the government's Accelerated Growth Program and has had its share of false starts since receiving its environmental building permits earlier this year. Local farmers have been blocking access to the road leading to the construction site since early Monday morning (27th July), impeding workers from entering the project

This globalisation of our water supplies will be funded by the users, Victoria's citizens.

Our capitalistic "growth is good" mentality needs to be given a reality check!

With no discussion of limiting growth, it will mean that our pockets will continue to be raided to pay for one of life's essentials - water. More coastline sites will need to be acquired and developed, greenhouse gas emissions will soar and marine ecosystems could be irreversibly damaged.

It is us, the customers, who will be paying for the demands of our growing and thirsty population.

The massive Thomson dam was finished in 1983 and was supposed to "drought proof" Melbourne. Our population has already exceeded the level its dams were intended to cater for and is still being increased, despite our environmental and our natural resource limitations.

Household water bills are expected to more than double over the next five years, and along with ETS, utilities will continue to rise as our natural resources become more expensive to produce.

1.2 million tonnes of greenhouse gases will be emitted each year once it starts boosting Melbourne's water supply. Limiting greenhouse gases is just given lip-service!

The plant will take in 480 billion litres of seawater and pump back 280 billion litres of saline concentration each year. The effect of this pollution on the marine environment and biodiversity is unknown.

The cost of the plant and the ultimate clean-up will be passed onto consumers, and the benefits of continual population growth will be reaped by our State government. More people means that more taxes and charges can be elicited, and businesses and developers will continue to thrive!

With common sense, conservation, mandatory water tanks and more recycling, we could survive on our present water harvesting schemes but not if we continually push our numbers past natural limits.
However, logic is lacking in our present leaders!

Visit Watershed Victoria's website.

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Unsurprisingly, Rupert Murdoch's Australian has twisted this story around to present the desal plant in the most favourable possible light. The story of Friday 31 Jul 09 has the heading "Victoria's $3.5bn desalination plant to defy slump" (There seems to be a second seemingly identical online version of that story here.)

The sum of the environmental case against the desal plant reported in the article is:

"The plant has been bitterly opposed by environmental groups and some residents in the area. The president of Watershed Victoria, Stephen Cannon, said it was unnecessary as the government could have recycled billions of litres of waste water that was pumped into the sea southeast of Melbourne."

Apart from downplaying the horrific environmental and social vandalism this project entails, the story also fails to acknowledge the idiocy of the efforts of the Victorian Government to run this as a Public Private Partnership, rather than building it and owning it outright for itself as attested to even by the facts reported in the article:

"The government has been forced to act as a lender of last resort if plans by AquaSure to syndicate about $2bn of the debt by bringing in superannuation funds and other investors do not succeed. Mr Brumby said the project was fully funded and he did not expect this to be required. If it was called upon, the money would be sourced by Treasury in debt markets and passed on to the consortium at market rates."

... and:

"Under the PPP model, the government can purchase blocks of 50, 75, 100, 125 or 150 billion litres a year depending on demand, although in the early years the plant is expected to be running at full capacity. The government will fund the payments to the consortium by increasing water bills by up to 100 per cent over fiveyears."

Why are people even bothering to argue the pros and cons of these so-called 'water solutions'? It is obvious that the public purse is simply being raided by State governments to fund private investment which would not otherwise even get a look-in because it is not only unsustainable, but unprofitable. This is all costly technology in every way. The public are being forced to pay for something which is of net-disbenefit to them.

The whole population growth phenomena which has overtaken this country, particularly in the past four years to a ludicrous, absurd and frightening extent, is nothing but an unforgivable, cruel method of enserfing us all to water, construction and agriculture barons - all funded by a corrupt banking system.

And our governments are attempting to legally lock the people in to debts to the banks funding these pathetic schemes.

The public need to go to all the omsbudsmen in Australia and state that they DO NOT endorse these endebtment schemes; that they will not honour these public debts, because they never gave permission for any of this. The public need, in groups to state that the businesses which have engaged the government support purportedly on our behalf, can go to hell.

We need to start printing our own money and to put our governments on trial for human rights abuses and criminal engagement of debts.

The omsbudsmen will protest that there are no laws to protect us from this kind of exploitation, but we need to make these statements for the world to see. Perhaps another method of making these statements is for groups of people to donate to websites to make statements on behalf of sectors of the Australian public. That we have no faith in our governments and renounce them.

If you go to the Get Real on Climate Change web page (which is linked to through the 'pledge' button on the Watershed Victoria webpage, referred to in my blog article above), they have a Pledge to sign to be sent to the Governor of Victoria, Prof. David de Kretser. If he has no power to intervene in wrong decisions by our "elected" government, then his posting is impotent and purely decorational. No offense to him as he is a caring person speaking up for climate change!

S.O.S Democracy is on the mark.

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The failed bidder for Victoria's desalination plant will receive compensation from the state government.

BassWater lost out to a consortium called AquaSure in the tendering process to build and operate the $3.5 billion plant near Wonthaggi in South Gippsland

Victorian Water Minister, Tim Holding, says it is appropriate for BassWater to receive up to $10 million of tax-payers' money in compensation!

Victoria, once green jewel of Australian for tourism and Nature's wonderland from coast to mountain, is set to become a hot and dry wasteland like Dubai, dependant on desalination plants instead of waterways and rain for water.

We went to Wonthaggi on the weekend and saw the protest signs, the wonderful Bass beaches and the start of the construction of the desal plant. We visited the pristine ocean beach that will be polluted by the output and the brine. There are 6 wind-generators, tokens to our government's "offset" for the amount of electricity that this monster will use. It is pure tokenism and absurd that these few wind generators could possibly compensate for the energy used!
The desalination plant will lock us into a high impact and expensive future and pull us further away from renewable energy and into high emissions.
Wonthaggi region doesn't need the water - it is for Melbourne!
According to a local, the desal plant will use the mains electricity grid, then use coal-powered generation which will only last for about 28 years. This supply will finish and then it will be powered by a nuclear power plant!
Mr Brumby has admitted that our water bills are likely to double in 5 years.
This is our nuclear future, something our governments are quiet on!
Desalination plants are not a sustainable water solutions for Victoria or Australia, but our government's effort to sustain endless population growth - the infrastructure for which we will all be paying for.