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Blue Wedges take Port of Melbourne deepening to Federal Court

Down on the Mornington Peninsular a group of people who have not yet been ground down, and splintered have managed to unite for around two years a sustained protest all over Melbourne against the radical geological restructuring of the bay that defines the town. This is a real tour de force, an inspiration, which the money-mad government and corporations seem incapable of respecting. There have been Alice-in-Wonderland environment assessments and the government just does not get it that the bay does not belong to business of politicians. It belongs to everyone - and the sea creatures.

This case will show just how bad the rot is in Victoria - Will the judiciary remember what they are there for and represent the people of Melbourne's rights?

"Blue Wedges Coalition is fighting in court tomorrow (Wednesday 5th December) to keep the Boskalis dredge ship, Queen of the Netherlands from beginning work on the channel deepening project early next year.

The Port of Melbourne Corporation (PoMC) wants court proceedings to be concluded before Christmas so work can start on its proposed channel deepening project in January next year.

A Full Court hearing, Blue Wedges claims, should not be before April next year so that the evidence and issues can be properly presented and considered.

This will be argued in Melbourne’s Federal Court this Wednesday (5th December) at 9.30 AM in a Directions Hearing before Justice Weinberg who will decide whether the Blue Wedges application to delay the project can succeed.

"We want to delay the project so that we can get a thorough process and diligent investigation of the impacts," said Blue Wedges spokesperson, Dr Jo Samuel King.

"Crucial information was left out of the Supplementary Environmental Effects Statement prepared by the PoMC and there is no way that dredging should be allowed to begin when they (PoMC) do not know what the environmental consequences will be, or even who is paying for the project"

The Federal Court is at 305 William St. Melbourne near Flagstaff station. The case is listed for Room 6a, Level 6, however check the Law list in the daily press or at for further details.

Our Bay is too precious to be treated this way. No Queen of the Netherlands for Port Phillip Bay!"


The Victorian Government and other organisations are just like John Howard and co were only a couple of weeks ago. Ready to push on with out dated thinking. The people of Australia and the world must not allow the destruction or our planet to continue by large coporations that only have their bottom line in mind.

Our future depends on working together in sustainable ways.

The SEES process has many holes and has disregarded the 139 recommendations from the first EES. When POMC has not got the answers it wanted, it found ways to get another "independant panel" for the "right" answers.

We will not put up this any longer, the Bay, Yarra and Rip are not to touched by POMC in this manner.

Att: Jenny Warfe,
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