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Final Reminder : Rally "Say No to the East West Link - Yes to Doncaster Rail" Tuesday 20 August

Final Reminder : Rally "Say No to the East West Link - Yes to Doncaster Rail" Tuesday 20 August 2013 12:45 pm for 1 pm start to 2 pm Steps of Parliament. It is DDay for the future of Melbourne. Our inner city suburbs and our parks - Royal Park, Travancore and the Moonee Ponds Creek- will be bulldozed and destroyed if the juggernaut of the East West Link is constructed, unless we act now.

The rally is being initiated by community groups and is being hosted by the Coalition of Transport Action Groups (CTAG) whose coordinators are Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc. and the Yarra Coalition for Action of Transport (YCAT.) It has the support of the City of Yarra which has been running the excellent "Trains Not Toll Roads "campaign. See website

See the video, "Lies we don't buy," about the East West Link.

Why 20 August is our deadline

The 20 August 2013 is the first day of Parliament after the winter recess. It is imperative that the rally be held on this day as the Amendment relating to the East West Link to the Major Projects Transport Facilitation Act 2009 is due for the second reading and debate in the Legislative Assembly. It signals that the Government is trying to fast track the EW Link; further reduce consultation and public input; and hand over authority to the project proponent - Linking Melbourne Authority - who will be able to change the rules as the project proceeds and as it sees fit. (Just look at the LMA website with photos of the construction of EastLink and PeninsulaLink and you will see what we are in for.)

Venu: Steps of Parliament or nearby if not accessible

The venue is the steps of Parliament but you may have to stand on the footpaths opposite outside the Windsor Hotel or the Imperial Hotel as areas of the steps are blocked off. The MC of the rally, Rod Quantock (Atg President of PPL VIC), will given instructions. Please bring placards but not banners as it is likely to be windy. Plus there may not be room on the steps of Parliament. Look forward to seeing you there!

Make your comment here:

Urgent. See Linking Melbourne Authority News Mailout Please comment in your own words that you are opposed to the East West Link and advocate instead public transport eg Doncaster Rail. (The Director of LMA is reported to have stated that only a few people have made comments so obviously the public are satisfied with the project! So prove him wrong.)

For queries contact Julianne Bell PPL VIC on Mobile 0408022408 or Freda Watkin YCAT on Mobile 0422650936.

Source: Press release by Julianne Bell, Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc. (PPL VIC) and the Coalition of Transport Action Groups (CTAG)

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The Victorian Coalition government's opposition to democratic debate, and co-operative decision-making on planning issues, is breath-taking.

The east west link assumes ongoing supplies of liquid fuel. Domestic and international oil supplies are becoming increasingly constrained. The Australian Workers Union (AWU) cautions that relying on Asian refineries for our supply chains is ‘highly questionable as these Asian refiners may be unsustainable..'

At present Australia has been shielded by higher fuel prices by the high Australian dollar. In the event of a serious global crisis this convenient financial safety net may not be available. Our economy could come to a screeching halt!

The public want reliable, sustainable and cheaper public transport and freight lines.

Opposing the obvious takes a lot of audacity. This multi billion dollar scar over our city, that will destroy houses and heritage parklands, is politically self-destructive as along the way it consumes a lot of public confidence, a trashing of transparent and cooperative political decision-making, and credibility with the public.

With high rise apartments planned for Footscray, without height limits, it's been hailed as a new "growth hub" for housing - and jobs (?) (Despite the appalling unemployment rate already there).

Our city is being transformed and destroyed for the ideal of perpetual "growth" of population, so eventually 12 million people can have their (imported) goods and services transported across from the east and west and visa versa.

According to the Australian Government:
"Global production of liquid fuels is not expected to be resource constrained: there is sufficient conventional and alternative supply available to meet projected demand to at least 2035. While currently a small fraction of the market, alternative fuels will continue to be developed and will increasingly enter the market over the longer term. This will contribute to a more diverse market. While overall demand for fuels is expected to increase, environmental performance and fuel efficiency will improve as transport and engine technologies evolve".

Energy Markets: liquid fuels

CommSec economist Savanath Sebastian said in a recent note:

"Higher crude prices and a substantially weaker Aussie dollar - pushing up the cost of imported fuel - are likely to see domestic pump prices rise even further in coming weeks. The higher cost of fuel will add to inflation but may also restrain consumer purchases."

Retail sales figures released last week show households may already be facing a pinch and have cut back on purchases of electrical goods and eating out.

Petrol prices tipped to soar as Australian dollar weakens

There's a lot of hope in conventional fuels, until 2035, and expectation on the development of alternative energy! It's a government fantasy of endless natural resources, scientific advancement, and heavy investment in the assumption that economic growth can continue indefinitely.