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Animalia information stall tomorrow at The Tootgarook World Wetlands day

Meet the impeccable Animalia wildlife carers at their stall at Tootgarook, 2nd February, 10am-3pm at Tootgarook Wetland Reserve, Truemans Rd Sports Reserve, Rosebud West 3940.

Animalia Shelter, Carer network and rescue service - Portsea to Brighton, 0435 822 699, All hours

Please consider making a Donation at any WESTPAC BANK BSB 033138 Account 434072 or Support Animalia through Ritchies Community Benefit cards organisation number 81621.


I have personally used Michele Thomas's kindness and skills in a home visit to help injured wildlife and have followed her career now for fifteen years or more. I also know Craig Thomson who works with Michele and have no doubt of his dedication to preserving habitat as well as caring for wildlife. For this reason I am publicising the modest request for funding for their wildlife shelter below. You can make a Donation at any WESTPAC BANK BSB 033138 Account 434072 or support Animalia through Ritchies Community Benefit cards organisation number 81621 - Sheila Newman

Animalia wildlife shelter is currently undertaking the fit out of a new Triage & Treatment room. This room will be utilised on a daily basis for the wildlife in our care, the majority of animals that come into care will start out in this room and as such we have quite specific needs to fulfil to enable it to be what we require of a treatment room. We have purchased so far over $5695 of product and our resident shop fitter John has been hard at work turning it into what we desperately need. The room is near completion and spring has arrived meaning we have animals pouring through our wildlife shelter in need of our help. We are hoping your venue may be able to help us out financially to finish this project off. We have just received a quote from the electricians which is quite an unexpected amount $2000 which we do not have. This has stalled the project, mean while the animals continue to flow through the doors.

We estimate we will need $4000 to finish this project and are wondering if you would be able to
make a financial contribution to assist us towards our goal.

This comprises of the purchase of water tanks and the cost of the electricity being hooked up, being
so close is heartbreaking when the animals desperately need the facilities now.

About Animalia

Animalia Wildlife Shelter is located in Frankston, Victoria and is run by Michelle & John
Thomas. Animalia is a registered not for profit community organisation overseen by a
committee of management of dedicated people. The wildlife shelter is a temporary home of
many animals that have come into care for various reasons. These may include cat or dog
attack, vehicle collision or young animals that have found themselves orphaned due to any
of the aforementioned reasons.

Animalia Shelter takes in Grey Headed Flying Foxes, Microbats, Wombats, Wallabies, Koalas, Possums, Ducklings and all species of birds including Seabirds and Penguins. Animalia undertake rescues of all species of Australian native wildlife with many members who are volunteer rescuers