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Know your rights as residents! Property acquisition and the East West Link

Message from YCAT and the RAT re the outrageous proposed acquisition of property by the State Government in the path of the East West Link and a meeting organised for affected residents and traders. Education session with lawyers on issues of compulsory acquisition.

Know your rights as residents! Property acquisition and the East West Link

Tuesday August 5th
Clifton Hill Primary School, 185 Gold Street,
Clifton Hill

Residents of Clifton Hill, Collingwood, Fitzroy and Carlton are invited to a meeting convened by the Residents Against the Tunnel (RAT) to enable discussion and to inform you about the various issues raised for home owners and tenants by the proposed East West Link.

The discussion will cover:

  • home owners notified they will be compulsory acquired
  • those outside the project boundary wanting voluntary acquisition option
  • those above the tunnel sections having their title rights acquired
  • people wanting to have property inspections to protect,their position if there is damage during works
  • people who are tenants in buildings to be acquired

There will be lawyers from major firms present to explain the legal issues and take your questions about what
your rights are and what you need to do to get the right outcome for your situation.

Download leafet: Property acquisition and the EWL- Eastern section (pdf) Property-acquisition-and-the-EWL-flyer-Eastern-section.pdf

The Linking Melbourne Authority has indicated it will start issuing "Notices of lntention to Acquire" in early August and will take ownership of the properties by October - although residents may be allowed to rent these back until August

It is coming to crunch time. The East West Link is coming under unprecedented criticism from all corners and is subject to two Supreme Court challenges.

Contracts may not be signed by the election and the road may never go ahead. However the Government is intent on ploughing ahead and will start the legal process to take homes before the required legislation has been passed.

This meeting will explain the complex situation and outline your options. Come along to find out the