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Model citizen found guilty of murder...........An analogy to reiterate allegations of ABC criminality

Consider the simple example of a "good" man who has worked hard to provide for his family. He finds out his wife has had an affair and decides to murder her. His only defence in court is temporary insanity. The judge doesn't accept it and he is found guilty of premeditated murder.

This is analogous to the way the ABC has provided a quality public broadcasting service while plotting to misrepresent one of the most important public policy issues.

It seems that behind closed doors a bunch of ideologically driven nutters have hatched an elaborate, premeditated plot to suppress open public policy debate of extreme population growth, and instead focus on their pet carbon tax fetish. Their only excuse appears to be that the Government told them to do this, which is analogous to the temporary insanity defence; or perhaps the "I was only obeying orders" defence used at Nuremburg.

Walking a tightrope of feigned impartiality in a deliberate strategy to betray the people of Australia is a crime. There is no other way to define this. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Politicians are not bound by a Statutory Duty of impartiality and editorial integrity. The ABC is.

The plot has been unravelled by the ABC's track record and also by the exposure of the ABC's deconstruction of the carbon tax debate. That debate has omitted the fact that extreme growth in Australian emissions is directly correlated with extreme growth in Australian population.

What is even more embarrassing for the ABC is the bizarre way that the entire Carbon Tax strategy seemed like nothing more than redistribution of wealth via the tax system, assisted by Climate Change Minister Greg Combet. The absurdity of this would be comical if it was not so tragic.

I would welcome anyone who can provide a greater example of political farce in the history of Australia; and a more culpable example of ABC complicity in un-Australian denial of a "fair go" for all Australians who want to see open public policy debate as a first step towards development of a rational population growth management policy. That policy should be supported by a majority of Australians in the name of both global humanity and global sustainability.

The world has very dark days ahead of it. Denying that a root cause of this is overpopulation, as if it must be accepted without question, is absurd. You cannot address a problem by denying that it exists or by pretending it will go away. That is fatalistic contempt for the truth.

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