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VicForests facing legal action again - Environment East Gippsland

East Gippsland: VicForests is being very cooperative in giving Environment East Gippsland (EEG) new grounds for legal action. Not only had they just commenced logging in an area which EEG believes is a rich stand of forest for rare wildlife, but bold as brass, their contractors yet again cleared right to the edge of a patch of rainforest leaving no buffer. This, after all the bad media they received when found to have destroyed rainforest near Hensleigh Creek earlier this year.

While EEG pulls out the legal artillery, GECO held up logging today by a tree-sitter cabled down to 5 machines – immobilising operations.

This is what some call a nicely timed ‘one-two’.

Below is EEG's media release regarding the legal details. Just 24 hours after the legal letter was sent from EJA who are representing EEG, VicForests lawyers replied saying they were pulling out!

VicForests stops logging after legal action

Just one day after lawyers presented a ‘please explain’ letter to the CEO of VicForests, logging has been stopped and machinery will be pulled out of a high habitat value stand of forest where tree felling had commenced, north east of Orbost.

“We believe the logging that took place was unlawful but appreciate VicForests now suspending operations,” said Jill Redwood, of Environment East Gippsland.

“Although VicForests deny there were any breaches of the law, they have decided not to continue logging here in order to assist the State Government’s Forest Industry Taskforce. This is currently considering deferral of logging in controversial areas of high conservation value. The Taskforce is considering future issues facing the industry and protection of the State’s flora and fauna”.

“While we are heartened to see VicForests cooperation in this instance, we have also made them aware of a number of other areas of high quality habitat planned for imminent logging where we believe the law requires a survey. We are waiting to hear back and will be keeping our eye on VicForests operations in these areas.”

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VicForests seem to think they are a law unto themselves, and because they are a company set up by the Victorian government, they can do what they like, when they like - with State government endorsement!
Like the Japanese illegal whalers, they think they are above the laws of the country, and can shift the goal posts to do what they want - to make their destruction "legal". The forests of Victoria belong to all Victorians, and our future generations. They are not just sterile trees, or natural resources, that can be plundered and somehow not make a difference. They are focuses of myriad ecological systems, and the homes to so many species. It's like extracting the heart of a city, or demolishing a significant building full of workers/public, and wondering why people are shocked and complain?
Our Victorian government is meant to be the custodians of our wildlife, our unique environment, and our natural heritage. Instead, they are violating it, for short-term $$ from logging! Who do they think they are?