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Peace movement: Australian government funds weapons manufacturers whose wares end up in the hands of countries accused of war crimes

The Australian Peace movement has reacted to news that Australian government funds weapons manufacturers whose wares end up in the hands of countries accused of war crimes. "There is nothing admirable about aspiring to be in the world's top 10 arms exporters."

The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network(IPAN) represents a cross section of community organisations across Australia and opposes the government decision to fund and promote the export of weapons.

There is nothing admirable about aspiring to be in the world’s top 10 arms exporters.

In January 2018, a decision to allocate $3.8bn to support manufacturers of military equipment to export their products through EFIC (Export Finance and Insurance Corporation) was made by the Government. This led to expressions of disgust from the members of IPAN and many other community organisations including faith communities.

The Australian Stock Exchange listed company, Electro Optic Systems, has received more than $30Million but that is just 1% of the total offered. Dozens more deals are being done.

Weapons technology including artificial intelligence is being subsidised by Australians and heading to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Both are involved in extraordinary abuses in Yemen, currently the "worst humanitarian crisis in the world".

Todays breaking news from ABC journalist Dylan Welch has been received by those in the Australian community as another example of how low the current government will go in their ambition to be included in the club of countries and corporations who fund arms exporters and dismiss the human rights of those who bear the brunt of wars as are the people of Yemen.

Australia needs to declare our independence from those countries and corporations and work for non military solutions as a good global citizen.

Endorsed by Wage Peace, Whistleblowers, Activists & Citizens Alliance, Disarm Unis, Peace Convergence, Peace Pilgrims

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IPAN-Victoria Meeting

Wednesday 27 March
Level 4,
Trades Hall, corner Lygon and Victoria Streets, Carlton
Cream building behind the main building
Entrance either via Victoria street or boom gates on Lygon street.
(if you get lost please phone 0417456001)

Main Agenda items so far -
4 July, America's Independence Day, Activities and Forum - US marines in Darwin and Australia's independence and sovereignty. Lead up to Darwin Conference
IPAN National Conference in Darwin 2-4 August
IPAN Lawyers' Working Group - Report from inaugural meeting
Peace and Justice are Union Business Working Group
Affiliates' Reports and Announcements

Independent and Peaceful Australia Network(IPAN)


A speaker and discussion on the current situation in Syria, Iran and the Middle East - all welcome.

Wednesday 29 May
Level 4
Trades Hall
corner Lygon and Victoria streets
cream building at the back
Call 0417456001 if you can't find the building.


1. Elections and US-Australia military alliance

2. IPAN National Conference in Darwin 2 - 4 August (new flyer below and attached)

- Joint military exercises in Queensland

3. Organising 4 July Forum in Melbourne. Richard Tanter and Fiona McCandless confirmed speakers to date.

4. Speaker and discussion on the situation in Syria and Iran - half an hour for speaker and discussion (or longer if time allows).

Also attached IPAN's most recent Media Release on Iran - US Fire on Iran Could Burn us all

5. Other business

National IPAN Conference in Darwin 2-4 August 2019
"Australia at the Crossroads: time for an independent foreign policy"

Dear friends and supporters of an independent Australia

Your are invited to a Public Forum and discussion on 4th July, the U.S. Independence Day

"Keep Australia Out of U.S. wars: Time for our Independence from the U.S.A. and all big powers"

Thursday 4 July
6.30 - 8.30 pm
Meeting Room 1, Victorian Trades Hall, cnr Victoria and Lygon streets, Carlton

Speakers: Richard Tanter, Fiona McCandless, Vince Scappatura. Speakers' details on flyer below and attached.
Information and contacts: IPAN-Victoria 0412906459; 0417456001.
It's time to put an end to the Australian governments' obsequious support for US imperialist wars, US engineered regime changes and political and military interference in sovereign countries.
U.S. is the most aggressive world power threatening global peace, security and the sovereignty of countries. It's time for an independent and peaceful Australian foreign policy not subservient to any big power.

Shirley Winton