You are here needs an additional v-server and has been offline or slow due to technical v-server problems

We are sorry to that has been off-line from time to time recently and has experienced massive slow-downs. It was out of the owner's control. We need another v-server in order to insure against this kind of incident. It will cost a few thousand per annum to rent and I am taking this opportunity to prepare our readers and writers to consider supporting's owner and originator, James Sinnamon, in renting a new, supplementary v-server or buying a new machine. James bears all candobetter's production costs alone, without profit. He does this because he realises how important for our society and democracy it is to have a free alternative press. is published via internet technology which is not aligned with microsoft or any commercial internet provider. The owner constructs the site in linux. These qualities are precautions against arbitrary removal of access, hacking and censorship, which are ever-present threats.

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