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Just Give Me The Facts M'am----Lets stop feeding reality the comfort food of false hope

In the Culture of Positive Thinking, realism, aka "pessimism", is the new atheism. Refusal to be "positive" and optimistic is a cardinal sin. It is "letting the team down", for the truth cannot be permitted to inhibit morale. Every political party, every church, every fundraiser demands optimism. Bubbly bimbos pop up on every weather forecast to tell us how wonderful our weekend is going to be and unbearably effusive realtors and buoyant brokers present financial Armageddon as a buying opportunity. Even the editors of 'doomsday' blogs call for upbeat messages. Is there anything more absurd that putting a positive spin on a die-off? Most reprehensible, however, is the Tony Robbins or Bernie Siegal school of environmentalism, a branch plant of the Self-Help movement, which seems to argue that green living habits are a substitute for radical institutional change. The name of the game in North America, after all, is not to effect real change, but to feel good about oneself. The Culture of Positive Thinking looks more and more like the old Culture of Narcissism in green drag. As the world collapses around us, we look inward for solutions. Escape rather than engagement is the flavor of the month. Just what the boss ordered.

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