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Australian universities

Australian Unis rankings fall as fees mount and students overwhelm resources in a scholar-hostile environment

Melbourne University fell in ranking from 28 to 34, Australian National University from 37 to 48, Sydney University from 62 to 72, NSW University from 85 to 114 and Adelaide University has gone from the top 200 world rankings, according to The Times Higher Education World University Rankings Hardly surprising in the commercial environment that swamps the notion of knowledge and research and the vocational ideology that substitutes for higher education these days.

Foreign students -hidden immigration victims

This article describes an example of the serious and inhumane impact, in the form of crisis involving several individuals, and a specific suburb and hospital system, of Australian immigration policy.  The government is maintaining a policy of high mass immigration contrary to the wishes of the majority of citizens.  Citizens have no useful outlet and no effective parliamentary representation on this. 
The mass media covers matters in a manner that keeps the arguments circular and without constructive democratic outlet. For this reason serves an important purpose in expressing peoples' views and in exposing the impacts of the government's undemocratic and environmentally and socially harmful policy.

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