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Where is the love in Google's sacking of James Damore?

James Damore was the man who sent a memo in Google in which he suggested that maybe the low participation of women in tech areas was because women in general had less desire to work in those areas. For this he was sacked.

Now for purposes of this article I am not so interested in whether he was right or wrong. I am interested in how he was treated. I think how James was treated in this matter reflects a far deeper malaise within our culture; that malaise is a lack of love and concern for others. If we really want to create a better society, with less conflict, hatred and violence, then we really need to consider deeply why people are punished and to what end.

Do Changes to Google's Privacy Policy reflect surveillance of gmail content?

Yes, yes. We all know that transmitting private information over the internet isn't safe. And we understand that Google and other search engines use cookies to monitor where we like to go on the internet. Yes, gmail probably wasn't air-tight, but I didn't realise that google was actually monitoring my email for commercial purposes - or that's what they seem to be telling me.

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