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RMC Duntroon officer training perpetuates a dangerous bullying culture

In 1987, I attended Duntroon as an Australian Army Officer Cadet.

Despite being a career goal, the experience quickly proved to be a total let down - expectations, standards, training, trust, propriety.

After the five months I was more qualified to starch and iron greens and to polish boots than to fire a bloody SLR. I had questioned tactical decisions in training led by a captain in charge - he was Duntroon qualified plus with a few years Infantry Corps experience - so he should have been a shining example. I recall after a training 'engagement' personally walking up to the mock enemy 'Majura Force' and asking their opinion of the engagement. They told me that their machine gunners would have easily mown most of us down even as soon as the captain's tactics had commenced. Yeah great!

I felt that if I had continued I would be eventually be a dead duck in combat. I resigned in disgust. That was twenty five years ago.

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