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CBC condemns South African rioters

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Anybody catch the report filed by a CBC journalist assigned to South Africa to give Canadians a trustworthy account of what is actually happening there? He might have just as well stayed in Toronto or better still, huddled with his former journalism professor of political correctness at Carelton to compose the right storyline. You know, xenophobic rioters take out their misery upon poor foreigners who have a right to displace their jobs.

I am thinking that we are better without the CBC. We are better without any news reports from South Africa. I would rather be uninformed than misinformed. I would rather have my eyes shut than have the CBC hold up a lens for me to look through. When did the CBC tell me about the truth about Canada's futile foreign aid policies in Haiti, Africa and Afghanistan? When did they give me some investigative journalism and explode the myth of the demographic transition? When did they focus on birth control rather than on Stephen Lewis and his heroic death control plans?

I notice that among the chattering classes it is a mark of sophistication to be a supporter of the CBC. At parties and social gatherings those with college degrees and professional jobs often name drop CBC programmes that they listen to. I take that to be an index of their idiocy. If the country needs to be knit together by a common broadcasting theme, I think we'd be better off with re-runs of the Howdy Doody Show, now that Lister Sinclair is long gone.

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of 20 May 08 in which Phillip Adams' interviewed Loren Landau, Director of the Forced Migration Studies Programme at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. Podcast which may be unavailable after 4 weeks (roughly 17 June) is now . There is no transcript. Phillip Adams, accustomed to his secure middle class Australian lifestyle shows as little empathy for black South African workers economically threatened by large influxes of immigrants as he does for Australian workers.

For an example of a use of the demographic transisition argument, if somewhat oblique in this case, is a -470513">contribution by Australian Democrats Senator Andrew Bartlett to a discussion about immigration: “It is not a coincidence that the countries and regions that have the highest birth rates are also amongst the poorest, and amongst those with the lowest per capita greenhouse emissions”