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Notice: Vandals tried to destroy over Xmas

Just a quick update for our authors and readers to explain how and why disappeared without explanation for several days after Christmas. We were hacked, yet again, by miserable varmints who don't seem to believe in freedom of the press and especially hate the alternative media. Our thanks to LVPShosting for their help in recovering the site. We have replaced nearly all the lost articles now. We will be establishing more secure sites over the next few weeks. We have had to close all the writers' accounts temporarily. If you are an author, please contact Sheila to have your account reopened and be sure then to reset your password. Seasons Greetings to all (except the keyboard spiders).

Apologies: Site was down: more ram added, okay now

Once again apologies to authors and comment writers for the loss of their work. Due largely to a continuous increase in visitors to the site, the v-server could not keep up and had to be upgraded. Just under a week ago we ran into problems and lost two days worth of articles, taking us back to the 14th of December. We replaced those articles and put new ones up, only to lose all the same ones in this more serious outage.

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