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Ammar Waqqaf

Oksana Boyko, Ammar Waqqaf discuss Syria's future

That the war in Syria is no more than an attempt by the United States, Israel, the Arab dictatorships including Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and their European allies to conquer and subjugate the Syrian people has even been acknowleged by NATO, which in June admitted that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad enjoys the support of 70% of the Syrian people.

In the embedded interview Oksana Boyko and her guest Ammar Waqqaf presume that their viewing audience do not need to be convinced of this. The interview, instead, focuses on how Syria, led by President Bashar al-Assad, after the crushing of his terrorist enemies, will relate to the rulers of the surrounding countries all led by sworn enemies of Bashar al-Assad, who have staked their reputations on ousting him. This discussion between two people, who are not even native English speakers, is the most informative and insightful I can recall ever having seen.

Also included: FSA Place Food Embargo on West Aleppo - Interview with an Aleppo resident by the Syrian Girl.

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