Keiser Report

No tikee, no shirtee

You also talk about printing money. Now we talked recently about the fact that 29 trillion dollars of stock market equities are owned by central banks now. And, apparently, the biggest buyer of them is China.

Now, Ellen Brown looked at this and this is an interesting take on what is going on in the global markets right now. “Buying up the Planet: Out of control Central Banks on a Corporate Buying Spree.
“Central banks have the power to create national currencies with accounting entries and they are traditionally very secretive. We are not allowed to peer into their books. It took a major lawsuit by Reuters and a congressional investigation to get the Fed to reveal the $15-plus trillion in loans it made to bail out giant banks and corporations after 2008.”

But, she asks, What is to stop a foreign bank from simply printing its own currency and then trading it on the currency markets for dollars to be invested in the US stock market or US real-estate market, or the UK real-estate market, as we always point out right behind us, as all these properties being bought by China. And, she’s reckoning this is what’s going on. They’re playing America at their own game. But much cleverer. They’re doing a better game of chess here. They’re just printing out money and buying up all the assets over here in the same way.

MAX. Right, so china becomes a global version of Karl Icarn, the corporate raider. So it’s a hostile raid of American assets. … And, you know, there’s a famous saying in China, “No tickee, no shirtee.”