Professor Garnaut has compromised his credibility

Professor Garnaut has compromised his credibility by suggesting that kangaroos could replace livestock and provide red meat in the future. It takes up to 12 years to bring them to full size and then only produce 10 kg or so of useable meat. They have long periods of dependency, and strong bonds to their mob and their young. They cannot be herded, transported or handled due to stress. Kangaroo meat is classified as ‘game meat’, along with wild pig, so both can escape the rigorous inspection programs currently in place in export and domestic meatworks. His recommendation that we have 240 million kangaroos by 2020 is totally unrealistic! The cost of high fences, and the amount of land needed, would be prohibitive. Even an Olympic-standard shooter should find getting a "clean" shot hard, and mostly they are hunted at night. There is nothing humane about bashing joeys to death or leaving dependent at-foot joeys to die slowly because they have no commercial value! Pseudo -scientists will be recommending whale meat next! This would mean open-sesame for Japan's criminal whalers! Why is it so hard to accept that a post-carbon age needs to be meat-free? There are many plant-based "meats" available for those who need to replace flesh in their diets.