I have yet to find an article opposed to 5G which even mentions the 5G rollout in Russia and China!

This was sent to Paul Craig Roberts in response to his article, (29/6/19)

Whilst scientific studies appear to confirm your views, as well as my own intuitive feeling, about how a vastly increased exposure to electromagnetic radiation is likely to affect living tissue, I have yet to see even one article opposed to 5G in Western countries - including those listed by you - which even mentions the massive rollout of 5G in China and Russia (as mentioned, for example, in (22/5/2016) | Russia Insider by Pepe Escobar.

Are they blind?

Or do they believe that the implementation of 5G in Russia and China will, somehow, be significantly less harmful than in North America, Australia, Western Europe and the UK, and therefore not a concern?

What have I missed?

Thank you,

James Sinnamon