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Transit Car parking at Seaford North Reserve deprives locals of access to ammenities

The high cost of accommodating population growth: "It is really undesirable that turning Seaford and Frankston into 'Transport hubs' is denying residents, and especially children, proper use of the amenities they have previously enjoyed."

18 August 2019
Letter to Frankston Council

Dear Councillors,

Despite much of the land around Seaford station being increasing converted to car parking for train commuters, also the parking at Seaford North reserve is now entirely filled with commuting traffic.

I wish you to record my objection to this use of the Reserve parking, of which at least half should be timed so as to allow reserve users to use the car-park - which is the real purpose of that car park.

Children and their parents who use the reserve during the day and at the end of the day need to park in surrounding streets - creating problems there, and requiring parents with young kids, and often babies, to have walk considerable distances because of the commuters taking up all the car parks.

I know - as a former teacher - that schools used to use the reserve during the day - with many buses of kids using the car-park for sports days and parents also coming to park and watch for some or all of the day. That would not be possible now, and presumably the park is not used in this way anymore.

It is really undesirable that turning Seaford and Frankston into 'Transport hubs' is denying residents, and especially children, proper use of the amenities they have previously enjoyed.

I therefore ask if you could please consider making at least half of the car-parking at Seaford North Reserve available for park users only - a 6 hour limit on parking there would be sufficient for this.

I look forward to reading your response.


Mathew Mitchell
Seaford, Victoria


Councillor Kris Bolam is the only Councillor to respond so far - he has promised to follow it up.

This is a vey reasonable request. It just shows how poorly though-out ideas like "transport hubs" are. In planning , every change has a flow on- effect and people lose out. Actually "they" know this but just couldn't care. As long as people just move over and accommodate, problems can be swept under the carpet.

It also puts the lie to the claim of 'local democracy' does anyone recall in one of the occasional (every few years) community consultations the Council hold at the local community centre Council flagging that it was to make the Seaford North Reserve paid parking and available to commuters to occupy all day? Did they consult the members of the soccer club who use the reserve most frequently over winter? My kids play for the club, I never received any invitation or information on it - but maybe I missed it - if anyone else did please let me know?

Hi Matthew,

I am emailing you in regards to your enquiry made to the Councillors Office regarding parking arrangement at Seaford North Reserve Car Park.

I advise that the intent of the car park is to allow both long term and short term parking, basically similar to what was there before. There has been some progress since your communication, some short term parking will be reinstated at the northern part of the car park for park users in the coming weeks. Part of the car park will remain free all day for commuter use while level crossing removal works continue until march next week[sic]. Then permanent parking restrictions will be fully reinstated to provide mix of paid and free short term and long term parking that cater for different community needs.

Should you have any further query, please do not hesitate to contact me.