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Melbourne Vigil to Free Julian Assange at Flinders Street Station from 6:30pm this Friday 2 April, Good Friday

Update (Thursday 1/4/2021): Melbourne supporters of Julian Assange will be holding our weekly vigil tomorrow evening at Flinders Street Station from 6:30pm Good Friday, this Friday 2 April. For more information see @LorineBrice

Melbourne supporters will be holding their weekly vigil for Julian Assange this Friday at 6:30pm outside Flinders Street Station. It is vital for every Australian, who values free speech and opposes the unlawful detention and torture of Julian Assange by the U.K. government at the behest of its U.S. master, to demand that our government act now to free Julian Assange. For more information, see @LorineBrice, @Melbourne4Wiki.

Be there: 7:30pm, this Friday, at Flinders Street Railway Station. Listen to speeches and help us hand out leaflets.

Failure to act could well result in Julian's death, as Greek Australian activist, Yanis Varifoukis, explains in the video embedded below:


Yanis Varoufakis: "They don't want to extradite Assange. They want to kill him."



Post on Twitter: Adelaide For Assange (@ForAdelaide) Protest for #JulianAssange this Saturday, 11am - 1pm at the Malls Balls in Rundle Mall!

At 6:30pm this coming Friday 9 April outside Flinders Street Station, as the world approaches 11 April 2019, the second anniversary of the illegal imprisonment of Australian journalist Julian Assange, his Melbourne supporters will again be holding their weekly vigil to demand that Scott Morrison his authority as Australian Prime Minister government to make Britain end it's imprisonment of Julian Assange.

As we have done at previous vigils, we will be displaying our banners (one of which is pictured to the left), making speeches and handing out leaflets. We will also be handing out an additional leaflet to promote the International commemoration of the second anniversary, this coming Sunday 11 April, of the British Government's imprisonment of Julian Assange. For details of other commemoration events in Australia and overseas, see Melbourne protest at British Consulate to mark 2nd anniversary of the arrest of Julian Assange - 4:00pm Sunday 11 April (4/4/2021) also published here on and the Twitter @Candles4Assange page.

Please be there, both this Friday 9 April at 6:30PM at Flinders Street Station and this coming Sunday 11 April at 4:00pm at the British Consulate at 90 Collins Street to help us get Australia's visionary, multiple award-winning journalist Julian Assange back to his wife Stella Moris and their two children.

The number of partcipants in our Friday 9 April weekly vigil for Julian Assange in front of Melbourne's Flinders Street Station, due other to commitments by some members of the group, was somewhat down - only 5 this week rather the 9 or 11 we had come to typically expect at our previous weekly vigils. Five people weren't enough to share around the arduous work of holding up my large 4.8mx1.7m banner [1] in addition to making speeches, handing out literature and engaging in discussion with interested members of the public, so the banner was left unfurled.

In spite of this the public responded particularly well, with a large proportion being interested enough to accept one or more of our printed leaflets. Whilst a sizable proportion of the public, who were passing through that street corner in front of the railway station, were still not concerned one way or the other, about Julian Assange, the number who expressed support for him vastly outnumbered those who showed their hostility. Many thanked us for our efforts and a sizeable number told me that they would be coming to Sunday's commemoration of the second anniversary of the British Government's illegal arrest and imprisonment of Julian Assange in Belmarsh Prison at 4:00pm on 11 April 2019 at the British Consulate at 90 Lyons Road, roughly 1.6km to the Northe-East.

Fanny gave a speech, but (yet again!) I was not able to figure out, fast enough to record Fanny's speech, how to use the video recording feature of my mobile phone, so Fanny's speech was not recorded. However, Anita was subsequently able to work out how to use that video recording feature and so my own subsequent speech was recorded. Later today (Saturday 10 April, I will upload that recording of my speech to YouTube and embed it in a more complete article about that vigil on

In time, in order to achieve our goal of forcing the Australian government to act effectively to achieve Julian Assange's freedom, we need to, and anticipate getting, far greater numbers to other planned events for Julian Assange. Such events include protests such as our planned commemoration of the second anniversary of Julian Assange's imprisonment. In the short-term future, to begin with, it should be possible to build protests numbering in the order of several hundred - enough to at least begin to make a few more politicians take notice.

So, if you have time, please attend the 4pm Sunday protest at the British Consulate.


[1] That banner has impressed members of the Melboune public on foot, or in cars. It has also, amangst others, impressed Denver Free Assange (@DNVFreeFA). So far, two members of the group each own one umbrell stand. Without those 2 umbrella stands, it would have been necessary for three people, at any one time to hold up the banner. Because it is such hard work to hold up my 4.8mx1.7m canvas banner for our vigils of duration of 2 hours or longer, a minimum of 5 or 6 people were needed to share the work around. It would have been very dificult for us to accomplish the other necssary tasks

[2] The commemoration of this second anniversary will by held at 4pm outside the Melbourne British Consulate at 90 Collins Street, roughly 1.6 km North-East of Flinders Street Station.