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This page, and pages linked to from this page, contains discussion on both Facebook and Twitter on the campaign by Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Junior to win the nomination to be the Democratic Party candidate for the November 2024 Presidential elections. In spite of hostility from the Democratic Party National Committee, the corporate newsmedia and even other members of the Kennedy clan, RFK Junior is continuing to win ever greater support from members of the Democratic Party, other Americans not registered as Democrats and even Republicans.

Given the harm caused by the United States' military and spy agencies in previous times and today, in Korea, Vietnam, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Latin America, Africa, Germany (with the bombing of Nordstream), the rest of Europe, the far east and America itself and given the threat of a United-States-initiated nuclear war hanging over all of us, having a United States President who is just as opposed to the United States' war machine as were RFK (his father) and JFK (his uncle), is of vital interest to all humankind.

Another urgent reason why we need RFK Junior to be successful in his campaign to become President, is his outspoken support for Julian Assange, which stands in stark contrast to Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and even members of the Bring Julian Assange Home Parliamentary Support Group from who I have heard nothing in recent weeks as Assange stands on the verge of of being extradited the the US. To these pages, I will copy discussions which are now occurring on Facebook about RFK Junior's grass-roots campaign. This will serve two purposes: (1) to provide a better and more navigable structure to the discussion and (2) as a safeguard against any possible future choice by the owners of Facebook to censor this discussion. of course, visitors' comments, whether in agreement or otherwise, are just as welcome here as they are on Facebook.

The 50 minute video of RFK junior's recent speech is indispensible viewing. I don't think either the Biden family crime syndicate or Donald Trump (whose crimes include the abandonment of at least one nuclear weapons treaty with Russia) will be able to stop RFK Junior being inaugurated as President of the United States in January 2025 after which Julian will be released if the global support campaign has not freed him already. RFK Junior will then set out to do all that that his uncle JFK tried to accomplish prior to his murder by the CIA on 22/11/1963 - abolish nuclear weapons, bring about world peace and global sustainabilty, something that few in our current Australian Parliament have shown any interest in achieving.


Richard Williams James Sinnamon Your statement that I have not responded is false. Your failure to notice and read my response is your fault, not mine. The other Kennedys are not running for president are they?

You can ignore RFK Jr's life-long devotion to the brutal warmongering state of Israel if you want to.

Is this an example of the "vision, kindness, courage and sacrifice" that you wish to call attention to? A great number of people are murdered by Israel in their brutal, illegal occupation of Palestine.

Others choose to see the truth of this, and people die while you and RFK Jr, ignore it.

Here it is once again, for you to see, or fail to see, -your call.

This is a repeat post of my reply: "I am familiar, and have heard his words. Third party is the only way he will accomplish any of the things he says. He is on the corrupt path to accomplish what Bernie did. He is fully devoted to the corrupt warmonger state of Israel, and I do expect he will keep his word on that continued support."

Richard Williams James Sinnamon And yeah, you can stop telling lies about me now, unless that is just your SOP. I expect you will make that clear very soon. The honorable path for you is to say "oops" and apologize to me. I can forgive and forget …

James Sinnamon Author I am unable to find where I thought I had previously said to Richard Williams "I don't think JFK would have been able to accomplish any of that had he ran as a third party candidate," so, my apologies to Richard Williams for my mistake.

Concerning RFK Junior and Israel: In spite of that awful photo of RFK Junior with supporters of Israel holding a flag of Israel, he has said elsewhere that he wants a just settlement for both Palestinians and Israel, so I doubt if President Robert F. Kennedy would not take some measures to impede Israel's efforts to ethnically cleanse Palestine.

As Ruth Donnelly wrote "Is it possible to run for US presidency in either Republicans or Democrats without signaling allegiance to Israel?" It appears to me that it would be very difficult.

It seems to me, as I thought I had previously said, that RFK Junior could not possibly win the November 2024 Presidential election as a third party candidate, so, I don't see what choice he has, if - unlike Bernie Sanders - he seriously wants to be US President, other than to pursue the path both his uncle and father did in the Democratic Party.

I think Richard Williams should tell us, apart from his understandable concern about RFK Junior's apparent support for Israel, what he thinks of RFK Junior's other policies:

Opposition to insider trading, opposition to establishment warmongering against Russia (including by Senators Lindsey Graham and Richard Blumenthal), reduction in US military spending, release of all classified documents relating to JFK's murder, eradicating US child poverty, justice for African Americans, ending the War in Ukraine, opposition to censorship, acknowledging the Iraqi WMD lie, ...

More information can be found at

Barbara Humphrey But why is he so wrong on Israel?

Lorese Vera I'd love to think that RFK Junior will become president, free Julian, and turn the corruption in the USA around but we've heard it all before. Believe not in what powerful men say they'll do but what they actually do. Remember when Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize not for bringing peace but for saying he would? And did he? NO, he did not, he did the very opposite. Then we had the 'promise' of Bernie Sanders, that fell flat on its face as well. The solution seems to be to vote for RFK jnr and wait and see what he does. Its what we always do, all over the west.

James Sinnamon author

I previously said to Richard Williams "I don't think JFK would have been able to accomplish any of that had he ran as a third party candidate," but he has not responded. (This turned out to be a mistake on my part - see indented discussion above. After Richard Williams complained that I had not said this, I could not find the post I thought I had made and, so had to apologise to Richard Wiliams.) He refuses to support Robert F. Kennedy Junior unless he runs as a third party candidate.

He claims that because, in the charged, corrupt US political landscape, RFK Junior has professed to support Israel, RFK Junior is no better than the phony socialist Bernie Sanders.

However, Richard has avoided acknowledging the accomplishments and heroism of both RFK Junior's uncle, President John F. Kennedy and his father, Senator Robert F. Kennedy. I wrote about the former in "Kennedy's vision, kindness, courage and sacrifice must not be forgotten" (28/11/23) at  .

As I wrote in "Help America put another Kennedy in the White House to free Julian Assange" (5/5/23) at , it's obvious that humanity's best chance of ending the chaos and bloodshed that US has inflicted on humankind since the end of the Second World War - in Greece, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Indonesia, the Middle East, resulting in at least 20 million deaths, is for JFK's nephew to become the Democratic Party's nominee for the Presidential elections of November 2024.

Ruth Donnelly Is it possible to run for US presidency in either Republicans or Democrats without signaling allegiance to Israel?

Richard Williams Ruth Donnelly No. That is a key point in only supporting a third party candidate.

Ruth Donnelly One has choice between supporting 3rd party candidate who cannot win and two party candidate who can win, but only if he signals allegiance to Israel.

Barbara Humphrey But why is he so wrong on Israel?

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