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Residents stand up to dictatorial imposition of high rise monstrosity on Milton

Residents of the Brisbane suburb of Milton have overwhelmingly rejected a developer's plans to erect a 31 story residential and commercial development atop. A phenomenal 700 submissions have been made by the local community in 3 days against the plans. Instead of respecting community wishes of the community, Minister for Infrastructure and Planning Stirling Hinchliffe has, instead, declared the project to be of state interest and "called-in" the development process in order to allow the project to bypass the normal legal avenues available to the community to lodge objections to the development.

Both Stirlng Hinchliffe and Andrew Fraser the local state member of Parliament have declined invitations to attend the meeting.

What you can do: Please show your support for the embattled residents of Milton by attending the meeting at 6.30PM, next Thursday at the Milton State School, Vote against the use of call-in powers on Westside News's online poll. More information: Ph 0404 833057, 0408 101117, enquiries[AT],

We reproduce below the media Release from CRAMED. Please also find PDF from which it has been adapted attached.

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CRAMED update 15 April 2010


Concerned Residents Against Milton's Excessive Development


Final Public Meeting


Before submissions due on Milton Tennis Court and Milton Station
Neighbourhood Plan


When: 6.30PM, Thursday 22 April
Where: Milton State School

A depiction of the 31 storey monstrosity that is to
be erected on top of Milton Station opposite the
Fourex (XXXX) brewery.

A LARGE public attendance is important to demonstrate the strong community opposition to the proposed developments. Bring your neighbours. Bring your family and friends -- wherever they live in SEQ, the same town planning issues we face will eventually impact them and their lifestyle. STOP THIS CRAZINESS!! SIGN SUBMISSIONS!!

Local State MP Andrew Fraser and State Planning and Infrastructure Minister Stirling Hinchliffe have again declined invitations to attend, but local media outlets are expected. Join us in giving a clear message to our elected representatives that enough is enough!!!

Local Councillor Peter Matic will attend and Council town planners have been invited so you will have an opportunity to question them.

The meeting will update you on the Milton Tennis Court Development Application and Milton Station Neighbourhood Plan, as well as developments on the proposed 31 storey development in Railway Terrace, Milton.

Local member Andrew
who refuses to
hear his constituents'
concerns at public

Qld Minister for Infra-
structure and Planning
Stirling Hinchliffe

Submissions on the Milton Tennis Court DA and the Milton Station Neighbourhood Plan are due before the end of April. Please bring your signed submissions to the meeting. Pro-forma submissions will be available at the meeting if you wish to sign them then.

We are seeking volunteers to door knock with the pro-forma submissions. We have had an excellent response to previous door knocking efforts. Please email if you can help.

See over for key facts about the proposed developments and what you can do to help.


Get involved for a better Brisbane


Milton Tennis Court

  • Zoned Sport and Recreation in Brisbane City Plan

  • Development application to break block in to 9 blocks, with up to 20 storey buildings, allocated green space is largely flood plain, tidal creek or Council land

  • 660 units, 120 room motel, 34000 square metres commercial/retail

  • Road access via Milton Road and Haig Road (opposite school)

  • 2006 approval for 174 units, 8 storeys expires in September

  • Local area has lost many community facilities and has inadequate green space for the existing population. Proposed increases in population mean we need more green space & community facilities

Station Neighbourhood Plan

  • City Plan for this area includes 3 to 10 storey height limit

  • Council seeking to increase to up to 30 storeys

  • De-facto expansion of CBD

  • Developers will use as a precedent for other sites (Milton Tennis Court, St Francis College, Fourex Brewery and then...)

  • Council survey in 2009 showed 76% of community opposed proposed heights but Council pushing ahead

Proposed 31 storey development in Railway Terrace

  • Approved by Council despite breaching City Plan (February). Approval references the State Government's SEQ Regional Plan

  • Does not qualify as a transport oriented development despite public comments that it is a TOD

  • Appealed by CRAMED to Planning and Environment Court (March)

  • Council and developer approach State Government to declare the project of "State Interest" and use executive powers to approve the development and remove community's right to appeal

  • Minister Stirling Hinchliffe to make his decision by Friday 16th April

  • 700 community submissions to Minister during Easter holidays


  • Submissions to Council are due by 29th April (Milton Tennis Court DA) and 30th April (Milton Station Neighbourhood Plan)

  • CRAMED would like submissions returned by 23rd April so we can copy the submissions to the State Government and hand deliver them to Council before the due dates (note Anzac Day 25th April)

  • Visit for pro-forma submissions or write your own

  • If you are able to door knock your local streets, we can deliver multiple copies of the submissions to you. Call Elizabeth (0404 833 057) or Paul (0408 101 117) or Bronwyn (3369 0785) to get copies delivered to you

  • Opportunity to sign or return signed submissions at public meeting at 6.30pm, Thursday 22nd April at Milton State School

  • If you send your submission directly to Council, please copy Andrew Fraser, Stirling Hinchliffe and CRAMED

For more information: or enquiries[AT]
and now join us on facebook at: cramed.


I just posted this comment to a Westside News story HAVE YOUR SAY: Tussle over Milton tower project:

The solution is much simpler. Residents must be given the right to vote against any development they don't want.

In November Floridian voters will be able to vote for just such a law. See "Amendment 4 hot issue for November" of 9 Jana 2010 at (Also published on candobetter here.)

Once this becomes law, there is no way that any Floridian politicians in the pockets of developers will be able to ram through development proposals in the way that Hinchliffe is attempting to.

I read this in a dicussion forum about saving Milton from the threat of high-rise:

I'm a property investor and small-scale developer (very small!), and I confess I am usually pro-development and judge that most complaints about development are NIMBYism, or just people wanting no change at all. :o But when I read that the plan for this site was for THIRTY ONE stories, I had to join your group. I had assumed they were planning three or four stories - perhaps six at a stretch! But 31 stories is plainly going to be out of keeping with the character of the area and I pray for your success in opposing such a large-scale development.

My response was:

Thank you for stating your support, [Suzanne]. I am glad to hear that, at least, because of the scale of this ghastly planned edifice, you have been moved to come out in support of your local community.

Nevertheless, in truth, it is my opinion your occupation is not one that actually adds to the prosperity of this country.

That said, I know many people face no choice but to derive incomes in ways they would prefer not to (and that includes even a number of my own close friends, by the way) and many, like yourself, no doubt, are caring people of good will.

However, the fact remains that property investment is inherently about one group of people monopolising a resource that the rest of us require in order to be able to live a decent dignified existence, that resource being shelter.

It is self evident that the windfall profits of property speculators of past decades are being paid for by the impoverishment of hundreds of thousands of their fellow citizens who have no choice but to rent.

Our economy's direction has to be changed so that all of us can be give an opportunity to not have to derive our income at the expense of others.