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Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly Song: Sleep,Australia, Sleep - Ecological catastrophe

How can Australians unite against the corporate and government forces that are failing to avert ecological catastrophe on Australia? We are an increasingly dispersed and disorganised colonial people, without a talking stick of our own.

Another Murdoch hydra head of misinformation needs chopping

What Paul Kelly ofThe Australian writes about Canada in his article, 'Small thinking in great leap backwards', is a blatant lie, says Canadian Tim Murray. "It's all too reminiscent of What Malcolm Muggeridge wrote about the way British socialists romanticised Stalin's Russia.

'Interview' with Paul Kelly yet more free ABC advertising for Rupert Murdoch

The Murdoch press promotion of Paul Kelly's misnamed book The March of Patriots, chronicling the Prime Ministerships of Paul Keating and the early years of John Howard's, has been supplemented, at taxpayers' expense, by Brisbane ABC local radio stations Conversations program.

See also: "Review of Naomi Klein's 'The Shock Doctrine'" of 21 Nov 07

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