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Appended below is an article posted to on Thursday, 12 September 2013 by Sibel Edmonds.

FBI whistleblower
Sibel Edmonds

Almost everyone pays directly through taxes to be lied to by the ABC and SBS news services (and the British pay with their taxes, for much of the rest of the world as well as themselves, to be misinformed by the BBC news service). Some pay through direct purchase or subscription to be misinformed. Few who watch commercial television news services don't pay indirectly to be lied to. They pay additional costs added to the prices of their purchases to pay for advertising.

Get-up ad criticises Murdoch press for campaign against Rudd

It's good that Get-up is criticising the absence of diversity of ownership in the Australian press and the tendency of that press to promote the government that it wants.

Glib and Fanciful - Rudd's 'sustainable' big Australia talk is just what the developers ordered

On 7 March 2013, Kevin Rudd was a lead speaker at a pro-population growth meeting held by the "Urban Development Institute of Australia", which is a property developer body that lobbies continually for higher immigration to grow Australia's population. Now Mr Rudd is our Prime Minister, but he still sounds as if he is working for a bunch of property developers.

Stephen Mayne: Herald Sun fails its readers with silence on Abbott's crazy anti-train bias

"The utterly biased and relentless Murdoch press in Melbourne, Sydney and nationally through The Australian has played a big role in destroying Julia Gillard's standing with the electorate, such that Tony Abbott is well placed to win control of both houses in the coming September 14 Federal election."

News Limited’s hysterical campaign confirms need for media regulation

News Limited is the main perpetrator of media abuses in Australia, writes Alan Austin, and hence the strongest proof the current self-regulation system is useless. (Article originally published on Independent Australia, from which we republish it with thanks. See end article for details.)

Dick Smith on censorship and the crushing power of the media in Australia (Video)

Dick Smith says he has been refused advertising space about his new magazine, Forbidden Ideas, by the Murdoch Press in Adelaide. See inside for link to a film where he speaks his mind on what he perceives to be censorship. This is really a quite funny and very informative speech by an animated Dick Smith.

Dick Smith does Murdoch

The problem of policing [irony acknowledged] 'free speech' in Australia is multiple and not just about free speech. It is about restraining the power of capitalism focused in one or two media corporations so that it cannot dominate public perception. Unusually public-spirited rich Australian, Dick Smith, has sent a long letter to Kim Williams, CEO of News Limited, defending the Australian Government's attempts to reform the press. In it he accuses the Murdoch press of cynicism in their opposition to these attempts.

Stephen Mayne's Ten Media Reform points - as put to Judge Finkelstein 8 Nov 2011

Steven Mayne is a famous independent Australian political and economic reporter, founder of and of the Mayne Report. Here he writes to the Australian Media Inquiry. "I was planning to open my submission with a crack at the Inquiry for not getting Rupert in to give evidence whilst he was in town, but there was no opportunity... Former Federal Court judge Ray Finkelstein was very much on the front foot leading the discussion and my session from 2-3pm this afternoon turned into an hour of combat, covering the ins and outs of the Murdoch empire, media regulation, corrections, licensing and media ethics."

Tim Flannery and Australia's coal-seam gas and mining industry

The way The Australian writes him up, Tim Flannery, who once wrote so articulately in defense of our land and its ecology and our place in it, now seems reduced to a quasi-apologist for extreme mining technologies. The Australian writes in such an unbalanced way. See also "Fracking Democracy..."

Media Inquiry or Royal Commission? Joe Toscano on saving democracy from the mass-media

"Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott and Bob Brown are in a position to change the political, social and cultural landscape in Australia once and for all. They find themselves in the unique position of having the community support they need to stop the parliamentary puppet masters dictating parliamentary policy. They find themselves in the position to uproot the few stunted perennials that blight political, social and cultural debate in this community and let a thousand flowers bloom by passing parliamentary legislation that forces media monopolies to limit their media holdings to 10% of the privately owned media outlets in a community.

Increase pressure on Julia to downsize Murdoch press in Australia and world

We are republishing this message because we agree that nothing can go ahead as long as the public messaging system is held hostage by a corporate media monopoly. Avaaz organisation says that, "Prime Minister Gillard may finally be about to order an inquiry into Rupert Murdoch's stranglehold on our media, but insiders say she is wobbling under direct pressure from Murdoch's lobbyists. Let’s flood her cabinet members with calls today and give them the public mandate they need to take a strong stand and hold the PM steady in her decision." See also "Concentrated media ownership: a crisis for democracy" Remember, the Murdoch press wants our population to increase and is against protection of the environment and of workers' rights.

Disinformation comes no less from 'left wing' sources than the Murdoch newsmedia

Whilst the Murdoch newsmedia has, in the past, been able to manipulate political, economic and military outcomes in Australia, the US, the UK and across much of the rest of the world with its messages of hate and misinformation, it is no longer able to wield as much influence for harm as it was formerly able to. Much of the work, which was formerly handled by the likes of the Murdoch newsmedia is now handled by the supposed 'alternative' and 'left wing' newsmedia

Joe Toscano does the Murdoch Scandal and democracy in general - podcast

The latest Joe Toscano anarchist podcast dissects the reasons why the Murdoch empire needs to be toppled. Great listening and fundamental education. Also wraps up the state of democracy in Australia.

Concentrated media ownership: a crisis for democracy

The problem with Mr Murdoch's newspaper empire is not just unethical behaviour by his journalists. It goes much deeper. With the alarming concentration of media ownership in Australia and the advent of PR driven journalism, for the sake of democracy, the public must support independent media. David Donovan comments.

How copyright laws obstruct the preservation of historically important documents

When I recently re-read my article
Murdoch media contradicts itself on immigration
of 18 Feb 09, I found that the articles in the Murdoch Press I had cited and linked to from that article were no longer available on-line. If publishers are not prepared to preserve copies of documents published on the Internet, then why should others be prevented from doing so by the copyright laws?

Stop Rupert Murdoch

There is a global movement called Avaaz that wants to unite people to prevent the world's largest media baron from buying nearly half of the British mass media, arguably boosting his power to undermine global efforts on everything from peace to the environment. The group claims that there are only 48 hours to press the UK government to stand up and stop Rupert Murdoch.

Corporate media blogs only serve to stymie dissent

Try writing to the daily newspaper, or commenting on a Murdoch News Limited newspaper blog or to a Fairfax newspaper blog, or even on an ABC Radio programme blog.

There, feel better? So what have you gained? Well you have perhaps vented spleen, so gained personal gratification. But another day another paper and reader memories are short. Soon the blog comment section will be 'closed' and inaccessible. So what then have you really gained? Has anyone read it? Will what you've written have any impact, even if people did read it? Will your comments contribute in anyway to an issue?

Brave new Australian coal mines

For the business community and a government keen to dig itself out of debt of its own foolish making, coal mining expansion in Queensland only represents a 'wonderful financial investment opportunity'! Other people wonder how Andrew Fraser and the government can be so blind and lemming-like as to rush to deplete Australia's resources, pollute the planet, and tragically disfigure our most beautiful state, for mere money.

Turn off Fox - proposal to limit Murdoch media damage

The US-based black activist organisation, Color of Change, has launched a campaign to fight Murdoch TV FoxNews, which it says, "is dividing the country with smears and lies." It is asking people all round the world to join the campaign by signing up for the campaign.

See also:

Another Murdoch hydra head of misinformation needs chopping

What Paul Kelly ofThe Australian writes about Canada in his article, 'Small thinking in great leap backwards', is a blatant lie, says Canadian Tim Murray. "It's all too reminiscent of What Malcolm Muggeridge wrote about the way British socialists romanticised Stalin's Russia.

Concerns about the Age, the Australian and the ABC censoring population debate

Nicolas Howe has been watching how the Fairfax, Murdoch and ABC media are treating alternatives to the population growth scenario of 35m plus. He finds that they are not giving them due representation and therefore biasing the debate. Letters not published. Rights of reply not balanced. His article confirms others on which have found this to be a consistent pattern with Australia's commercial mainstream media. They publish material to normalise population growth. They belong to the growth lobby. They have vested interest in population growth. As for the public media, the ABC - as has been pointed out before, it employs a number of ex-Murdoch journalists and allows professional property developers and other members of the growth lobby to dominate debate.

Courier-Mail spins news of 79% opposition to fire sale to reveal its privatisation colours

Many Queenslanders, appalled at their state Government's blatant disregard for their wishes not to sell AU$15billion of worth of publicly owned assets, actually look to Rupert Murdoch's Courier-Mail newspaper to stand up to what has to be amongst the most inept and despotic of state governments in Australia's history. However, the dishonest spin encompassed in the title of the story "Asset Sale Anger on the wane"1, together with the sub-heading "Christmas boost for Bligh", reveals that newspaper's true colours on that issue.

Update, 10 Dec 09: The Australian endorses Bligh Government's disregard of the will of 79% of Queenslanders
Further update, 11 Dec 09: The Courier-Mail changes tack from weasel pro-privatisation arguments to outright support for privatisation.

See also: "Queensland Rail workers strike against theft of public assets" of 9 Dec 09, "Media contempt for facts in NSW electricity privatisation debate" of 28 Sep 08.

Pronatalist Policy in Australia: 1945-2000

A history of pronatalist policy in Australia from 1945-2000 reveals the seeds of today's push for bigger families. This is an interesting supplement to the drive for high immigration and a huge population in Australia. It also gives an account of the role played by The Movement (B.A. Santamaria) in the Australian Labor Party's long exile from government before Whitlam. Some interesting background on Labor Party figures currently in government or recently in opposition.

Australians were never asked and never gave permission for today's mass immigration

Anyone know about Paul Kelly's 'bargain'?"
"Paul Kelly argues in his The March of Patriots that there is a bargain between the Australian people and their governments. The Australian people accept a big, diverse and in many respects generous immigration program, so long as it is orderly and well controlled by the government." (Population growth lobbyist, Greg Sheridan, The Australian) See alsoInterview' with Paul Kelly yet more free ABC advertising for Rupert MurdochVote on whether a population of 35m would be good (ninemsn)

'Interview' with Paul Kelly yet more free ABC advertising for Rupert Murdoch

The Murdoch press promotion of Paul Kelly's misnamed book The March of Patriots, chronicling the Prime Ministerships of Paul Keating and the early years of John Howard's, has been supplemented, at taxpayers' expense, by Brisbane ABC local radio stations Conversations program.

See also: "Review of Naomi Klein's 'The Shock Doctrine'" of 21 Nov 07

Pornography and the Celebrity Bestiality Report - Economic trends today

Pornography is not just about getting naked, or having sex, or even recording, depicting or describing it. It requires an element of commerce. Lots of people think they can get rich from it, and some very big household-name corporations have diversified into this area, including GMH and the Murdoch Press. Perhaps they hope to have a pornography-led recovery from the global financial crisis? Anyway, it seems like just about everyone is involved, whether they like it or not...

Murdoch media contradicts itself on immigration

Rupert Murdoch never misses an opportunity to loudly preach to his captive Australian audience his message that this country must continue its rapid immigration-driven population growth. However, even his own media outlets have implicitly acknowledged that because governments have followed this very advice in the past, England and even parts of Australia have become intolerably overcrowded.

See also: "English expats make Moreton the only Bay in the village" in the Courier Mail of 10 Jan 09, "Rupert Murdoch urges Aust to open door to migrants" in the Courier Mail of 5 Feb 09, "Honour for Frank Lowy, king of the malls" in the Australian of 6 Feb 09, "How the growth lobby threatens Australia's future" of 24 Jan 09 (also published on Online Opinion with forum discussion).

If this is not democracy - then what is?

In an article written in 2007, Tony Ryan of the Tariff Restoration Bloc shows how Australia's formal democratic inititutions, in fact, do not practice government of the people by the people for the people. He shows how effective democracy should work, where effective democracy still operates today and where it has in the past historical times.

Contents: What is known about real democracy?, What should be the shape of contemporary democracy?, Ensuring democratic consensus.

Property Council population-growth propaganda now a regular feature in Canberra Times

Shouldn't the Canberra Times label as advertising the regular piece by the Property Council of Australia's executive director, Catherine Carter? Isn't there some legal requirement to do so? (Article by Mark O'Connor)

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