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John Howard

Don't Get Fooled Again! Throw Howard out in 2007

These pages will be dedicated to ensuring that John Howard does not get re-elected in 2007.

Key targets of Royal Mail sabotaged before privatisation to attract private investors - UK trade unions

Republished from Cuts and price rises caused Mail failures of 23 Nov 2013 on the People's Daily Morning Star. More news about privatisation can be found from the Campaign for public Ownership (CPO), articles against privatisation here on, the Public Banking Institute, and Ellen Brown's Web of Debt, 1, ...

Job cuts and price increases in the lead-up to privatisation were the reason Royal Mail missed key performance targets earlier this year, postal union Unite claimed yesterday.
Postal regulator Ofcom said the recently privatised company missed a requirement to deliver 93 per cent of first-class letters the day after collection, reaching only 91.7 per cent.

Hobart Mercury baits researcher, who exposed 1996 Port Arthur Massacre frame-up, as "conspiracy theorist"


Martin Bryant with an IQ of 66 could not have killed 35 people at Port Arthur in April 1996.

Update, 29 July 2013 : Please download and freely distribute Mass Murder - Official Killing in Tasmania, Australia (pdf - 718 pp, 13Mb) by Keith Noble completed on 27 July 2017. Keith was inspired by the article Was Martin Bryant the Port Arthur killer? of 3 April 2013 to write this book. - Ed, 19 May and 29 July, 2013.

On Thursday 9 May 2013, the Hobart Mercury alerted its readers to what it claimed was a "vicious international internet campaign [which accuses] two local police officers of being the real killers." Mercury reporter Zara Dawtrey, in the story Port Arthur conspiracy anger, labeled Australian expatriate Keith Noble, who now lives in Austria, a 'conspiracy theorist' :

Please also download DRAFT.THEMERCURY.DAWTREY.ARTICLE.pdf (301K) of 17 May 2013, which is Keith Noble's more recent response to the misreporting and censorship of readers' expressed opinions by the Hobart Mercury, owned by Rupert Murdoch. - Ed, 19 May 2013
See also: The Port Arthur Massacre: A sceptical re-appraisal of 6 Sep 2010 by Syd Walker; Australian Conspiracy: the 1978 Sydney Hilton bombing of 6 Sep 2010 by Syd Walker.

Miscellaneous comments from 18 March 2013

Comments made on the previous Miscellaneous comments page from 4 December 2012 can be found here.
If you have anything you would like to raise, which is likely to be of interest to our site's visitors, which is not addressed by other articles, please add your comments here.

Comments closed on this page. Please add further comments here. - Ed, 1 May 2013.

Privatisation of Queensland Electricity Assets: A Preliminary Evaluation

The report by past Federal Treasurer Peter Costello of his supposedly independent investigation into Queensland State finances on behalf of the Queensland Government Commission of Audit recommended the full privatisation of Queensland Government's electricity generators. Only last year, the Queensland public, outraged at the asset fire sale embarked upon by former Premier Anna Bligh without any electoral mandate whatsoever from the 2009 state elections, savagely punished Labor at the ballot box leaving only 7 sitting Labor members in a house of 89.

That, less than a year after, the new Government of Campbell Newman has contrived an excuse to continue with policies, that have been so resoundingly repudiated by Queenslanders, provoked outrage. An example of the outrage felt is a new opinion poll taken by, which shows that Qld privatisation [is] opposed by 85%: poll.

Professor John Quiggin of the University of Queensland responded on 6 March with a post on his web site. That post included a link to a pdf report which, by examining the disastrous history of privatisation across Australia in recent decades, comprehensively demolishes the case for any privatisation.

Is Harper Following The Howard Game-Plan?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada has happened upon the John Howard confidence trick. In the shell game of electoral politics, it is important to get the audience to focus on the pea marked "bogus refugees" rather than the one marked "unsustainable immigration". That way corporations get the policy they paid for. The growth of the cheap labour pool and legions of new consumers. We clap our hands at the crackdown, and are none the wiser for it.

'Interview' with Paul Kelly yet more free ABC advertising for Rupert Murdoch

The Murdoch press promotion of Paul Kelly's misnamed book The March of Patriots, chronicling the Prime Ministerships of Paul Keating and the early years of John Howard's, has been supplemented, at taxpayers' expense, by Brisbane ABC local radio stations Conversations program.

See also: "Review of Naomi Klein's 'The Shock Doctrine'" of 21 Nov 07

Climate change, population growth & Oz Governments

After years of telling us that environmental impact has nothing to do with population numbers, the government admits it is the major factor. Futhermore they would rather subject us to climate change than simply downsize immigration.

Why does the Courier Mail want to rehabilitate the legacy of the failed Howard Government?

Brisbane's Courier Mail newspaper believes that we should be grateful that Howard left Rudd a budget surplus but is silent about Howard's massive environmental, social, skills, balance of trade deficits and our record domestic debt.

What are the prospects for Labor bringing about a just society?

The Australian Labor Party, the world's oldest political political party still in existence, is a contradictory organisation. With its record in Government, at the Federal and state levels, and in opposition, led by Kevin Rudd, with an ever-diminishing number of policy positions which distinguish it from the ruling Howard Liberal Government, it is all too easy for critics to the left of Labor to dismiss it as no better than the Liberal Party as indeed the Greens, the Democrats and some parties of the far left have maintained either implicitly or explicitly.

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