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Christine Pruneau

Hanging Rock environmental buffer zone threatened by commercial re-use Macedon Shire Council Proposal

Macedon Ranges Shire Council has a very short survey on its website about the future of Hanging Rock, asking if you support large scale concerts being staged on this deeply iconic place of legend and film. The survey closes tomorrow, Friday 28 June 2013. There are some things you should know before you allow this site to be changed irreversibly. Here’s a link to the survey, but please first see our recommendation.

National Recognition For Macedon Ranges Residents’ Association Inc

"Keep it rural. Say 'No' to suburbia." Macedon Ranges Residents’ Association Inc [MRRA] website is an example of the formation of a local alternative press, as a means of representing a community view, not adequately represented by official channels of local or state government. The MRRA arose because of the threat of state driven overpopulation causing loss of regional identity and rural and wild spaces. It is not alone.'s writers come from activists within these kinds of organisations and's raison d'etre is to unite common causes across the country in issues of democracy, environment, population, land use planning and energy policy.

DACs 2: Intro to Highlights: 16-17 Sept reading of Planning Amendment 2 in Victorian Parliament

The Planning Amendment Bill 2 (DACs) was read yesterday in the lower house and today in the upper house (Victoria, Australia) but has not yet been debated and will come back on the 13th October. Victorians are urged to put pressure on Opposition MPs to not cave in on this and to OPPOSE it. Please start emailing them all and telling them what you think. And put October 13 in your diary to be in Parliament for the debate and voting. See alsoDACs 2: Highlights: Macedon Member Duncan makes bizarre statements about population growth in Victoria and DACs 2 Highlights: "The Bill is a very blunt instrument" (Mr Morris, Mornington, Victoria)

Activists co-operate and stop councillor-gag laws (Victoria, Australia)

Today Victorian activist groups working together stopped legislation which could have defined any local councillor who may have previously actively opposed a particular development proposal as an 'interested party' and hence ineligible to vote. Demonstrators wore tape over their mouths on the steps of Victoria's Parliament.

See also: "Backdown on activist councillors", in The Age of 27 Oct 08, "Govt backflip on council conflict of interest legislation" on ABC on 29 Oct 08.

Grave concerns: new state residential zones and loss of council planning powers in Melbourne

Christine Pruneau, of MRRA: “This is as much about civil rights as it is about planning. It cuts to the question of whether the principles of consultation, transparency and accountability will survive in Victoria’s democracy."

See also: Melbourne protests mass pop growth,

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