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New Australia Party

Stop Population Growth Now Party (SPGN)

Michael Lardelli, who is on the governance committee of the new Australian party, Stop Population Growth Now, says why he agreed to help form the new party, which is based in South Australia. The party seeks "to reduce Australia’s population growth to zero as a matter of urgency." Other Australian anti-overpopulation parties.

The NewAustralia Party: Challenging the Lib/Lab Hegemony on population and other major issues

This is about another new party with a small population policy and more. The key objectives of NewAustralia are to: Swap 'Bad' taxes for 'Good' taxes - a major shift to eco-taxation; Stop population growth; Shift spending from road to rail; Shift spending from defence to education while improving Australia's self-defence capability; Increase housing affordability; Shift spending from private health to public health; Reduce the current account deficit. There is a forum to discuss and help form the policies which are not all set in concrete. You do not have to join to participate in the forum. You can just register as a supporter. Membership is free, but candidates will have to finance their own campaigns. I urge people to interact and support all new parties in the short term because without political diversity nothing will change. Go here to join free.

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