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Australian women

Julia Gillard through the mass media looking-glass

To make a woman seem to all,
A shadow and not very tall,
In fact to make her very small
And push her right against the wall
All it takes is lots of press,

Adoption community protests cruel amendments to Adoption Bill

The Association of Relinquishing Mothers (Vic) represents hundreds of women who have lost their children to adoption. Today we are protesting on the steps of Parliament House against the cruel and inhumane amendments to the Adoption Legislation that the Victorian Government is putting through the Upper House this afternoon. If these amendments go through, we can be stopped from making contact with the (now adult) sons and daughters who were taken from us as babies, and if we try to do so, there can be criminal sanctions put in place.

Anti-Growth Lobby: Women in politics: why don't more participate - or do they? (Melbourne, Australia)

This article was adapted from a radio program I hosted on 3RPP with Jenny Warfe as my guest, called "Women in Politics, Why don't more participate?" The program found that participation rates depend on definition. Indeed, we found that women dominate politics in Victoria, Australia - they just don't draw salaries. Inside we look at three classical theories for why women participate less in politics than men; argue that the Real Politics are outside Parliament, (Indian theory); give examples of Victorian women in politics outside Melbourne's parliament; analyse these women's political roles as more reactive and militant than planned-for and careerist. We also note that women led the French Revolution and we ask, "Are Female environmental activists in Victoria leading a new political movement?"

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