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Philippe Legrain

About Phillippe Legrain

Philippe Legrain, in his book, Immigrants - Your country needs them (see, also, review by Mark O’Connor), argues for unlimited international immigration. His web page is

Move over Mr Legrain, the floodgates are open

Philippe Legrain's puerile veneration of globalization and free market economics is, for its outrageous simplicity, alluring to some in the same way that Ayn Rand's uncompromising fantasies drew a cult following.

Book Review: Immigrants: your country needs them by Philippe Legrain

Some angst was caused in February 2007 when Philippe Legrain (with this book in tow) was featured at Perth Writers Week. The problem was not that a debate on migration was irrelevant to a literary festival but that there was no debate---and that the supposed expert (Legrain) seemed ignorant of Australian conditions.

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