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George Monbiot

Rio+ 20 = Hot Air

George Monbiot wrote that Rio+20 is 283 paragraphs of fluff.
If this is the best our world leaders can come up with, what is the solution to our global environmental crises?
We are running out of time ..... does Iceland's arrest of corrupt government officials hold the key?
What can we do next?

What's your plan, George Monbiot?

George Monbiot is at it again. See It’s the Rich Wot Gets the Pleasure of 27 Oct 2011. Why do Monbiot and his ilk insist on asserting the primacy of consumption over population growth as the most critical factor toward aggregate resource liquidation and associated global catastrophes such as climate change? BOTH conditions are the problem!! Each one factors upon the other to deliver increasing resource depletion and system entropy.

About George Monbiot

George Monbiot has written a number of very incisive and damning critiques of our corrupt corporatised New World Order, but his downplaying of the threat posed by human overpopulation stands in contrast to his claimed environmentalist credentials, and, as with Noam Chomsky, his denial of of the evidence implicating senior figures in the administration of former President George W Bush in the false flag attack of 11 September 2001, stands in stark contrast with his purported opposition to US Imperialism.

Move over Mr Legrain, the floodgates are open

Philippe Legrain's puerile veneration of globalization and free market economics is, for its outrageous simplicity, alluring to some in the same way that Ayn Rand's uncompromising fantasies drew a cult following.

Why George Monbiot is wrong to downplay population question

Keith Hobson, a Canadian biologist disputes reputed environmentalist George Monbiot's bombshell claim that overpopulation is "not the most urgent" threat.

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