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Greens Councillors Vote to Destroy Rushall Reserve - Unique Parkland in North Fitzroy - for Commuter Cycle Path

Greens Councillors Amanda Stone, Sam Gaylard and Misha Coleman voted together with Councillors Stephen Jolly and Jackie Fristacky to give the go ahead to run a cycle path through a natural reserve. Trees will be felled. This was not a foregone result, since the decision was carried only by one in a 5:4 vote. The Greens obviously had a choice, but seem to have chosen to put transport ahead of nature in a very overcrowded area with little access to natural surroundings. This lack of interest in protecting the natural world and our access to it from overdevelopment seems to be an increasing feature of the Greens, particularly to the North of the Yarra.

Grog Sales by Cricket Club Threaten Amenity of Hays Paddock

Hays Paddock, created in 1980, is an open woodland park with wetlands forming part of the Yarra River wildlife corridor. An iconic feature is the children’s discovery playground catering for disabled kids, attracting visitors from all over the metropolitan area. Sports players form only a small percentage of users. The community is alarmed that alcohol will be sold and drinking allowed until late at night on the pavilion verandas. The excuse is to fund the Cricket Club activities, but Hays Paddock is not a business precinct and recent photographs of nude and partially clothed male cricketers there suggest that the Club is not fit to have a liquor licence anyway. Hearing is scheduled for 9:30 am tomorrow Monday 12 November 2012 at the VCGLR Office, 49 Elizabeth Street Richmond. Melways Map Reference 2 G H2

Snap protest at Carlton EW Link Drill Site Tomorrow

Despite the fact there are no publicly available plans for this project, Stage One of construction of the East West Link has already commenced with "geological investigation" (i.e. drilling for soil and rock samples and testing for underground water) along the proposed alignment of the above/under/on ground road way. As spelt out in the Eddington Review of 2008 the freeway/tollway is likely to be open cut through Royal Park. It seems that there has been a total failure to responsibly and democratically consult the Victorian Public on their wishes in this matter as it affects public lands. LOCATION: Meet near the reserve with the drilling rig at the corner of Neill and Canning Streets Carlton outside the Dan O’Connell Hotel starting at 12:30 pm. (Melways Map Reference 2BK4).

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