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Mediawatch - defenders of war the state and corp media: Response by Tim Anderson

How shallow the ABC’s Mediawatch (‘Media war over Syria’ [11 April 2017]) treats such an important issue, the 6 year long war against Syria. They have cobbled together a few tweets so as to defend the war story of the US and Australian Governments, and the state and corporate media (ABC, BBC and UK Guardian) which faithfully reflect that line.

Mediawatch asked to confront ABC population growth bias

UPDATE: Still no reply from Mediawatch on 11 December 2013. Inside, letter to Mediawatch. Many people who are concerned about government-engineered population growth in Australia and the commercial growth lobby's impact on democracy have noticed a clear pro-growth bias in the ABC and other mass media. The fact is that population growth is almost constantly aired as something we must have more and more of, but the many contrary arguments are not. Some of them are occasionally reported, almost always with a negative spin. It is a fact that population numbers affect every aspect of society. It is therefore vital that decisions about population numbers be made with real democratic consultation, at the level of local government upwards.
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