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() Extradition Hearing mistrial - Chris Hedges interviews former British Ambassador Craig Murray. (embedded in above article) His exhaustive reporting has become one of the few sources of reliable information about the hearing.

() (28/9/20) The Duran as fights extradition over 100 eminent political figures, including 13 past & present heads of state, denounced its illegality.

() Also posted to: Liveblog updates on Assange extradition trial @ wikileaks Whilst I welcome Jeremy Corbyn’s name being on the list, I don’t recall where he ever once said a word about whilst he was Opposition leader.


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9 December 2020: In response to

after propping up that fart Guaido and sending mercenaries on a coup a few months ago is frankly hilarious.

by , Malthusista

... and yet the duly elected President Nicolas Maduro allows the traitor Juan Guido, who openly calls for a US invasion & supports sanctions, to walk around freely? Would the Norwegian government not have arrested Vidkun Qisling in 1940 had they known of his treachery?

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10 December 2020: In response to

Leader of the UK-US funded adjunct group the , Khaled al-Saleh and his family, have arrived in - good luck German people

by , Malthusista

I am most impressed at how the White Helmets always keep their uniforms, particularly their helmets, untarnished and scratch-free in the midst of the ferocious war zones in which they work. Where have any other civil defence workers in a war zone managed to accomplish this??

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without their consent?

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11am +11, 20 Dec 2020 ">This account now has 59,000 followers interested in my son journalist Julian Assange & the " Campaign

Will again wipe 5,000 off again overnight... at a crucial moment in the fight to free him or let it reach 60,000?

12:30pm +11, 20 Dec 2020 by Malthusista: ">If Twitter cannot trust us to use our own best judgement, then perhaps it's time for a government of good intent to set up an alternative. Would Russia or Iran, who produce and than in the West, rise to the challenge? It would surely cost them only a small fraction of what they are now having to spend to defend themselves against the war plans of the U.S., Israel and their allies.