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Crosstalk video on Steve Bannon - well informed discussion

What makes Steve Bannon tick and is the corporate media and Soros-funded 'activists' right to portray him as a monster? Video inside.

Len Warfe challenges Gospel truth according to The Age

This letter, which expresses concern about the dominance among the power elite of one religion in Australia, was not published by the Age. We publish it here for your information. Comments and discussion welcome.

Miscellaneous comments from 18 March 2013

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Friendly fascism, Corruption and the property lobby in Spain and Australia

Richard Laverack writes about the connections between the Spanish property development lobby and the shocking systemic corruption issues in Spain. There are many similarities between the Spanish and the Australian banking and property development lobbies and their relationships with government. The Ballieu Government's push for Westernport and a new "bubble" in Webb dock is based on the same philosophy of friendly fascism. So was the preceding Labor Government's. This article gives a short history of fascism and corruption in Spain before describing the current financial problems and their relationship with property and finance.

Philippines debates government promotion of contraception

More than 100 members of the Philippines House of Representatives have co-authored a bill that would allow government funds to be used to promote artificial contraceptives, now prohibited in that nation. Although the legalisation of artificial contraception is supported by two thirds of that desperately poor and crowded nation, the Catholic church remains fiercely opposed. 8 Feb 09

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Cardinal Pell is out of touch with reality

The Catholic church is anthropocentric and becoming irrelevant in today's climate- Pell is anti-science and damaging the Church's "modern" image.

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