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Angela Shanahan

Not too late for zero [population growth]: Reply to Angela Shanahan's "Demographic reality..."

Angela Shanahan - The Growth Lobby's last resort. This article looks at Ms Shanahan's extreme pronatalist case for the "Demographic reality tells us it's never too late to populate" in the Australian, 9 January 2010, p.7. We thought that the growth lobby had retired this weapon but Kelvin Thomson obviously has them in a panic. (Additional material added on 10 January.)Email for letters to the Australian is: letters[AT]

Pronatalist Policy in Australia: 1945-2000

A history of pronatalist policy in Australia from 1945-2000 reveals the seeds of today's push for bigger families. This is an interesting supplement to the drive for high immigration and a huge population in Australia. It also gives an account of the role played by The Movement (B.A. Santamaria) in the Australian Labor Party's long exile from government before Whitlam. Some interesting background on Labor Party figures currently in government or recently in opposition.

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