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Copenhagen was a deadline without a plan

Copenhagen was a deadline without a plan.

Too many issues, too many causes, too many delegates, too much reading, too many options and yet forced to deliver a global consensus solution in just 2 weeks!

Why was a Viking speed expectation imposed on such complex and polarising issues? Participants must have spent the first week just reading the plethora of reports and getting acquainted with the issues and with one another.
Plundering of foreign lands may have taken just 2 weeks, but to reach consensus on complex global negotiation between 192 countries with differing priorities in 2 weeks?

Copenhagen's shotgun wedding - what did participants honestly expect?

What will become labelled the '2009 Copenhagen Conference' has indeed proven yet to be 'another overhyped talkfest in a series of duds!'

Copenhagen's much hyped COP15 was all navel gazing on communications consultants' hype. Like Copenhagen tourism, I bet the consultants pocketed nicely!

Copenhagen was doomed to fail simply on the basis of unresolved perceived mistrust between the haves and the have nots and the sea-level nations being side-lined.

And Copenhagen of all places..what a detached comfortable venue!

Caught on tape: Rudd's climate pessimism

It was entirely predictable that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd would concede that the Copenhagen summit in December would fail to reach a global emissions reduction deal. Despite his pre-election rhetoric, he is worse than a climate change sceptic and has failed even his own aims on carbon emission cuts!

ETS and extra taxes will not solve the problem of climate change

Slapping extra charges onto the general public, and increasing the costs of fuel and water, is not the solution to climate change. The actual causes of ghg emissions needs to be addressed.

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