ETS and extra taxes will not solve the problem of climate change

Extra pricing and taxes (ETS) is the solution to climate change. We need to actually address the causes of greenhouse gas emissions, not slap on extra charges and add to the general public's woes and diminishing lifestyles! Our government is using India and China as an excuse to drag their heels on climate change, and this is so they can continue to be driven by commercial gains and economic growth! We are one of the world's largest ghg emitters per capita, so ethically we are more duty-bound to find solutions, and reduce our capitalistic extravagances. Coal-based fuel needs to be incrementally phased out and replaced with renewable sources. We need to invest in carbon credits with our forests, fauna re-population and flora revegetation. Livestock industries need to be dismantled, or drastically reduced, and we need a zero population growth policy. The fact that our governments are deliberately increasing our population at this time is indicative of their ignorance of climate change - they can't be addressing the cause of climate change and be encouraging the driver of it (humans and their activities) at the same time! More people means a higher demand for goods and services, despite losing the Murray Darling rivers, The Great Barrier Reef, our biodiversity etc etc! It doesn't make sense. The three big causes of greenhouse gas emissions are industries based on coal, livestock and unsustainable agriculture, and a growing population. These three areas need to be addressed and alternatives invested in! Slapping on extra charges for energy and water - this is indicative of how governments "think"! It is all about money, greed and profits - the only language they know.