We need war drums like we need plague, starvation, drought and nuclear holocaust

Mike Pezzullo, Federal Government Home Affairs Department Secretary, a public servant, talked up war in an Anzac Day speech on 26 April 2021.
He was referring to China's ambitions to integrate Taiwan as a federation within mainland China government, by force or persuasion.

He cited Australia's 70 year old ANZUS alliance with the United States and New Zealand as a.

Finally, obscenely, he spoke of sending off, "yet again, our warriors to fight."

ETS and extra taxes will not solve the problem of climate change

Extra pricing and taxes (ETS) is the solution to climate change. We need to actually address the causes of greenhouse gas emissions, not slap on extra charges and add to the general public's woes and diminishing lifestyles! Our government is using India and China as an excuse to drag their heels on climate change, and this is so they can continue to be driven by commercial gains and economic growth!